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This @cryptocloaks design of an @upstreamdatainc Hash Hut as a node case is absolutely fantastic.

The LED fan exhaust 💯
The exhaust venting 💯
The intake grating 💯
The working door 💯💯💯

Vaporized my expectations.
So well done, @RickV3D

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When shit was hitting the fan around this time last year re Covid fears and talk of air travel restrictions, I told my wife that they would devalue / confiscate / fuck with our stack of air miles. Sure enough, Aeroplan miles suddenly far more worthless. Fucking fiat on top of fiat - can't trust it. The bastards.

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My family's business sells agricultural commodities. We had a bad year in terms of crop yields, but we're selling some of our products for 60% higher than last year.

It's already started, but inflation is going to skyrocket this year given more massive stimulus + velocity of money picking up steam.

This is only the beginning.

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You will own nothing and you will be happy because soon you will own everything

Stack sats

US Capitol politicians finally living in fear of their citizens as it should be.

Seems like Wikileaks hasn't had any juicy leaks in ages, which is weird considering the state of the political world...

We are working on some new portable bitcoin mining datacenters including a 900 kW Hash Hut and our new Combo unit which houses customer supplied gensets. Looking forward to publishing!

Contrary to what some will have you believe, the more Bitcoin is attacked the more decentralized it becomes. By necessity.

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