Do you think wells Fargo will print my cyber hornet debit card?

Just sold all my bitcoin holdings....finally moving out of my moms basement! Getting my own place, maybe I will get a girlfriend. I have to stop being a loser. Thanks community!

This is how I have sounded about Bitcon for the past 7 years to my firends....but now they get that Bitcoin is the Beaver in the Hole

1M USD only buys you 21 BTC right now....with a max supply of 21M BTC....DAmn!

I thought i was done being a bitcoin preacher....Fuck it! I am back to convert every heathen

A stable appreciating asset.
(And I want it now!! ;)
1 BTC = 1BTC

If the Corona Virus Escaped from a Wuhan Lab, then who lets a different Flu strain escape every year? And why did they not release a flu this year? makes you wonder

mask and corona vaccine killed the flu so how should we kill the Corona virus?

Bitcoiners were right. They always have been right. It just becomes more undeniable over time.

How will Elon Secure is 1 billion worth of BTC? What service or method would you use if you had that much and unlimited resources?

Bitcoin gives me life....bitcoin makes me feel crazy....Bitcoin is a relationship that no one understands....Bitcoin educates the ones it touches in finance....Bitcoin makes us criminals in an upside down world when most criminals prefer US dollars...Bitcoin solves problems created by banks and central banks...Why do nations have a national currency? Are taxes the price we pay for using a national currency? Our only hope is local...Local networks of people and services

If you are not running a node and you are here then YOU FUCKING SUCK!!

I love it when my blockfolio just throws in the towel and gives up because we just pamping so hard it can’t keep up lol

I just want to thank all of you Bitcoiners.

You opened my eyes and gave my life a meaning. It took me years to realize the whole world is wrong and you freaks are right.

This is cash in your wallet.....melting ice cubes!! HURRY AND BUY BITCOIN WILL ALL OF IT

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