Serious question.

Can Mastodon instances be 'ported' to another domain?
Ie. gets attacked/taken over/shut down.
Is there a way to transfer the server information to another domain.

This single-point-of-failure worries me considering our migration from birdsite and the cornerstone foundations of the citadel at this new and lovely community.

@SteakDestroyer I don't think it can be done, since the domain is part of the username, there would have to be a protocol to change this domain name across the fediverse . It should be possible but I don't think it's implemented at the moment.

@SteakDestroyer you can create a new instance, but the information in this instance would be lost if server is attacked and there are no backups. So yes, it's a single point of failure.

@SteakDestroyer I'm working on an enhancement which introduces "replicants", making instances distributed, introducing a form of redundancy. Basically spin up clone of an instance and go live and it would sync with the others.

@SteakDestroyer DNS is definitely the weak point.

As for transferring, in the case the domain is taken down. I would imagine we can connect via IP and begin a export to new domain. But not 100% sure 😐

@SteakDestroyer By the looks you only need to add an alias to do an export. @jakub you did this earlier, right?

@j12d @SteakDestroyer It didn't work out the way I had hoped. I had to re-enable my other account and kind of move stuff over manually. It looks like it's one of the cron jobs that would be scheduled to perform the database operations needed.

@jakub @SteakDestroyer damn, maybe server needs an update. I think with the influx of users, it might be smart to start building multi bitcoin related instances.

@j12d @jakub @SteakDestroyer as as long as the web server lived in a repo and accompanying databases were backed up, it should be trivial. DNS would require altering if the IP of hosting server were to change though (alternatively, yes you can just type the new IP into your browser). cron backup of databases on a set frequency would be good first steps. secondarily, something in the API or a rule in the database could replicate database actions as they occur in the production database.

@bitc_jack @j12d @SteakDestroyer A cron backup job would be low hanging fruit. Might do that one real quick.

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