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@elonmusk @benmezrich Yes, and money that exhibits the greatest energy density necessarily carries the most information about “who did the work.”

is an apolitical, indisputable database: the only private property right independent of human opinions.

Bitcoin is pure signal and zero noise.

A local developer told me he has several requests to buy his apartments with bitcoin. So there are people who are selling/spending now

Seeing that the BTC price action hit resistance at 40k, now retesting ~36.5. That's a "lower high" pattern, and it's Friday; lots of normies may jump ship today. I for one look forward to adding their sats to my lifetime treasury.

Looks like Grayscale gets a bit of competition for their GBTC investment product 👏

This is good for Bitcoin, because it would help prevent Grayscale from becoming an even bigger honey pot than it already is 🍯

And it helps facilitate NgU off course 😎 add in a potential Bitcoin ETF in the next year or so and the range of institutional product gets interesting!

One common argument against is “there are other coins that are just as scarce”, no. There’s an infinite amount of altcoins, but only 21 million

Do you know why the establishment fears Bitcoin? It's not just because BTC puts an end to the BRR machines.

It goes far beyond that.

Once people learn to question the state monopoly on money, they begin to question monopolies on all things. Suddenly, they question the wars, the news, the lockdowns, etc.

You enter Bitcoin thinking money is a scam. Before long you realize they're scamming you in every direction.

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Casa needs more support staff on the front lines of self sovereignty! If you're a support services professional seeking to go full time Bitcoin, check out this opportunity.

@nvk @kekcoin 3 people vs 10k. 😥 Why do the bad apples always get preferential treatment?

I understand your frustration & the sheer responsibility of being the face of this.

Yet already, many people are willing to step up & create solutions. We're so lucky so many people in our community want to help each other & keep us together.

Too much decentralization is just as bad as too much centralization imo. There needs to be a balance - Communism vs. Community vs. Lone wolves is my analogy.

In The Hardest Trade, @BitcoinTina explains that his 3 different bitcoin price scenarios are all very bullish!

"I think this decade will turn out very different from prior decades. And I think the reason for that is that there are different players in."

So how did this Bitcoin pullback compared to the previous ones:

- From top to bottom the dip was -27%.
- It took 4 days to reach the bottom.

That qualifies as a significant dip. But it is actually very similar to the ones we’ve seen during the second halving.

Check out the chart.

More details on all that in the newsletter:

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I don't see much of an "insurrection" or "armed rebellion" underway at the moment. However, I do see a massive ongoing corporate censorship purge, as well as the overt criminalization of political speech. Odd #Rebellion

Full-List of bots:

Wtf in #Dubai they have #LED lamps that are twice the efficiency as the rest of the world gets. These lamps use 4 times the LEDs inside and run them at lower voltage where they are more efficient.
Side benefit: They last way longer since with half power usage the circuits run colder. #lateStageCapitalism #climateCrisis #electronics

AIRBORNE THOUGHT POLICE: Delta kicks two women off flight for having private conservation about Trump –

Okay so walk me through this:
Eventually you won’t have to sell your sats, get loans using them as collateral instead? Heard this mentioned by Saylor and a few others. How would that work in practice?

@StarAStar What is key to life?!
Crush your enemies
See them driven before you
And make money while u sleep

Good morning. Crush you day job, smiling for the rude customers because you know your sats are appreciating and about to moon

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