Do I have 500 characters in me to describe my confusion here? This is like when Apple changed everything completely on FCPX. Three years later, I still use FCP7 because WTF?! Where is this toot thing going? Who is reading this? 😂🤩

@btc the Keiser Report editors have moved to Adobe Premiere.

@StacyH I think the industry as a whole has. Apple foolishly dropped that ball in a big way but I know a good number of FCP7 holdouts.

@btc after three or four years of no software updates from Apple, however, FCP7 is so unstable that it’s almost unusable. 😪

@StacyH yikes, yeah, I can only imagine. Maybe you need a dedicated machine with OSX Mountain Lion that's never updated as your FCP7 rig 😬

@StacyH I read it... Welcome. ( So far I like the vibe much better than over on the bird...)

@StacyH It is like early Bitcoin Twitter and even early bitcoin around here on bitcoinhackers.
No advertising, alt-shilling, ICO giveaways, lawyers, regulators, or blockchain experts.

@BitcoinBelle let’s see how long it takes me to figure this out. 😅

In no particular order: "likes" notify the author but doesn't blast & spam timeline so "like" away. "Retweeting" is called "boosting" and is just that.
Elizabeth is on here as @stark
If you need help with anything @nvk and @badger are great if you are using the "instance" (My first instance of using the term "instance" in reference to something. I'm fucking guessing here.) Anyway, everyone is nice and helpful and figuring it out too. :)

@BitcoinBelle @StacyH @stark @nvk @badger oh yeah, and I have a video guide. Skip to like a minute and a half in for just the tutorial and ignore the rant:

@btc @StacyH @stark @nvk @badger Oh my gaaaawwwwd! My first *attagirl on here. How fun! Thanks Ti!

@BitcoinBelle @StacyH @stark @nvk is it true that the plural of Youtube is Y'alltube for southerners?

@StacyH @BitcoinBelle
Pro Tip: If you have scrolled way down in a column to read something - you can click the top of that column to get "page up" - pop back up to the top of that column.

@StacyH who’s reading this? The greatest minds in blockchain

@StacyH welcome to the Wild West. Hopefully this is the future of all social networks.

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