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Studying bitcoin, and bitcoiners, pushed me to reassess my positions on a wide variety of topics. I poked holes in fragile arguments, tore them down, and built them back up again with a strong foundation.

I am a much more confident, assured human being because of it.

Thank you.

There is

And there is

Buy whatever you like.

Your choice. Your consequences.

I really hope that the move to Mastodon gives a reason for many to remove all 'crypto' references from their profiles.

You know it's bullshit. Do the right thing.

That feeling you have browsing around Mastodon (not having a fucking clue) is how normies see

I need to sit in the middle of 360 degree screens with a rotating chair, just so I can keep up with the number of businesses I want to see.

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance