"Amazon partner GoDaddy boots gun site from its servers"


No reason given:

"Neither GoDaddy nor Arfcom immediately responded to a Washington Examiner request for comment."

Straight from the site itself:


The key use case of twitter is red pilling normies. What will the key use case of bitcoin mastodon be?

So is the federated channel all mastodon instances or what?

The longer you stay away from Twitter the more you realize it's garbage. First it was the TV and now it's social media algorithms and ads

Fuck twitter! Fuck jack! Fuck this whole goddamned global commie takeover

Welcome to all the @bitcoinhackers. We need wallet and node devs to collaborate with the podcast app devs.

If the US government wanted to shutdown all Tor traffic they probably could very easily.

The Tor threat model assumes US and allies will not actively attack it. DDOS mitigation relies on intentional centralization. Which is fine, everything has tradeoffs and that's the tradeoff balance they chose, but very important to keep in mind.

Without Tor lightning network censorship resistance suffers since all peers would have to expose themselves on clearnet. Be aware!

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