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Over time will bring rationality back to other asset prices. Removing the store of value premiums currently sloshing through the system means assets like property and stocks will return to being priced on their fundamentals.

Bitcoin whilst being its own refuge for those seeking stability of stored earnings and capital, will also have the dual effect of bringing sanity back to other asset classes.

Probably nothing 🤬
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UK government ADMITS myocarditis link after vaccine. They are in retreat

We Are Coming.

“myocarditis - significant left ventricular fibrosis has been described in a high percentage of follow-up data is available yet on hospitalised patients”

Did we say six months? Better make that three.
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GET READY!!!!!!!

"The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy." - Oscar Wilde.
Find yourself a place where government gets in your way as little as possible. The smaller the better.

“[Socialistic] economic planning, regulation, and
intervention pave the way to totalitarianism by building a
power structure that will inevitably be seized by the most power hungry and unscrupulous." - Hayek

If only we could have seen this coming
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Daily transactional is highly underrated. Game changer for daily cash flow mindset.

Turning the regular seasonal flu into a perpetual method for mass compliance. Ingenious really.

What are your best go to busting narratives for doubters?

The more the likes of the IMF and Hillary attack , the stronger and more appealing it becomes to the entire world. Keep it coming assholes. Bitcoin is not captured serf money, it's freedom.

And 'Rittenhouse' gets added to my blocked words list on Twitter. Seriously people, stop focusing on the sideshows they're using to distract and divide you.

Could just as easily be from an article written this week as when Hazlitt wrote on back in 1978. The system is broken,

The vaccinated are protected from Covid, but not protected from the unvaccinated. 🤡🌎

miners offering SAaaS - Speculative Attack as a Service
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Publicly traded Marathon Digital is offering $500 million of senior convertible notes due in 2026 to buy additional  and bitcoin miners.

The speculative attack intensifies.


Challenge anyone to read Henry Hazlitt's 'The Inflation Crisis' and not feel massively short enough afterward. Word for word describes what we are going through and what we are doomed to repeat.

fixes this
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It sucks when even inflation is outperforming your portfolio YTD

While Bitcoiners take the 6.2% CPI print in their stride (or laugh at the inaccuracy), the rocket put under the price as a result illustrates how far ahead of the curve we still are. Figures like that actually still come as a shock to the wider market.

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