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🚨BTCPay v1.0.3.138 is out!🚨

Starting with this version, fresh deployments using @[email protected] LND ⚡️as implementation will be provisioned with a recovery seed.

We’re introducing a migration tool for those who want to migrate their existing deployments.👇

The cloud of Baidu is such a piece of trash as soon as you're not in China, downloading at late 90's rate (about 10kB/s). Brings back memories

#peertube has worked twice as hard to emancipate your videos from YouTube.

For this v2 release, we look back on the last year of development.

Allez viens on fait bouger les choses grâce à @mobilizon de @Framasoft ! ✊

RDV Mercredi 20h à Hévéa (#Lyon 07) pour être acteur·rice de nos outils de demain ! ♥️

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Privacy isn't about hiding bad things.

It’s about protecting what defines us as human beings, who we are: our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities.

- Isabela Bagueros, Tor ED #TakeBacktheInternet #blog #privacy #surveillance #censorship

Just came across the news of the death of in HK, the short message left by his father is hearthbreaking.
I'm amazed by how long those protests have been going now, I could never have imagined that China would tolerate this so long. Could it be as I sometimes thought, that Beijing is actually much much weaker than we all think?

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Many blocks ago, in a time when fiat dragons threatened mankind, there was only who fought against them all.

J'ai été invité pour parler au Meetup de Liège le 26 novembre, j'ai choisi de résumer l'argument de Brandon Quittem dans son article sur Bitcoin comme un champignon ! Allez le lire, c'est une de mes analogies préférées sur Bitcoin
L'événement :


Here is a classic explanation from Ludwig von Mises in his magnum opus titled “Liberalism”.

Introducing the ILR #DemonetizationDay economics contest ! 💱

Can you explain the #CantillonEffect in one #Toot ?

Best answer (from India) gets Rs 1500 in bitcoin ! Entries end 9 November 2019.

To play, toot with the hashtag #CantillonEffect and tag our handle !

Good luck ! :) 👍

A friend ask my opinion about some chinese weird blockchain for smart cities project, it's a hideous ppt that is super hard to read and pretend to revolutionnize a lot of stuff without saying much about how they will do it. They say they use the Algorand protocol for their blockchain, a quick search doesn't bring a lot of info but they pretend it's a "perfect" POS blockchain 😅

My grandma is now using with desktop ! She needed help to configure her printer, I had some minor troubles but now it works great 😂

Our approach combines the following four known problems into a fatal attack:

1) Consumer machines are insecure and easily compromised.
2) Keyboard sniffers are easy to write.
3) Credit card numbers are self-identifying (they have check digits)
and can easily be extracted from a huge stream of input data.
4) Once intercepted, small amounts of information (e.g. a cc #)
may be distributed completely tracelessly over the Internet.

Grandma 's old computer was on Windows 7, with the end of support by Microsoft I decided to help her install instead

Reading an old blog at, and I found all the links in the blog were as good as Dead.

It used, a bookmark sharing website, later purchased and killed by Pinboard.

All those links are lost in time, like tears in rain.

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