Alien Virus (Trecision, Visionaries International/Nova Spring, 1995) #DOSGaming

@dosnostalgic Lol I used to be a big fan of the first Myst, but I never knew about this

@openoms There's only one way to fight the state: cut its revenue stream, hit it in the wallet, do everything to (legally) pay as little taxes as possible and help others to do it when possible.
Socialism only end when it runs out of other people money, as long as the state can enjoy almost unlimited ressources all resistance is futile.

@waxwing Thanks Adam!
I just made my toy code to work, it seems it didn't work because I didn't mod N the dummy sigs that I was generating, looks better now

@waxwing No problem, thanks for the clarification.
Your paper is pretty clear even for profane like me, I'm basically turning it into a jupyter notebook to break down all the cryptography in CT, which I found very confusing at first.

I just discarded the original Thunder Badger.
A HP laptop bought somewhere in Hangzhou in 2009, it was given a 2nd life when I turned it into a Bitcoin + LN node.
It tirelessly validated blocks and maintained my channels for more than 2 years, with little to no downtime, until the very end.
You can be proud of yourself, little Thunder Badger, you've been up to your duty.
Now rest in peace.

@mmanfredi @dosnostalgic Yes at first I mistook it for the 7th guest too!
Never heard about this one though

@waxwing Besides, I already have a toy code for ecdsa signature that first compute a r value and looks like s = (e + r * x ) * k_inv % N (N being the "order of the group" in my note, but I did it a while ago I'm a bit confused about what it means right now maybe)

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Hi @waxwing, I'm reading through your paper about Confidential Transactions (, and I'm trying to write a toy code to wrap my mind around Borromean Signatures.
Following the protocol on page 11, I have a question regarding step 9. The signer (D) can compute a signature by multiplying the hashed message e with his private key x and adding the private nonce k, how do you avoid producing a signature larger than 32B?

#TIL Sinclair Executive pocket calculator (1972). It achieved low power consumption by continuously switching off the power supply, and before the CPU lost its internal state, switching it back on. It's literally a calculator that relies on what's known as the cold-boot attack today.

#electronics #retrocomputing

@verretor this whole story becomes even more disgusting than what I was expecting. And my expectations were already very bad

Didier Raoult, the French doctor that advocated for early testing and Hydroxychloroquine treatment, is under fire from the Ordre des médecins (authority for doctors in France, no idea how to translate sorry). Being excluded means that he won't be able to work as a doctor anymore, at least in France.
I think they're doing a big mistake here, they might win short term (they crushed the guy), but they will make him a martyr

@verretor ok this is becoming ridiculous, and I'm afraid we have to expect a lot more of this kind of shit.

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