La conférence de @exodus à l'école 42 est disponible en vidéo !
- Sur la chaîne des Studios 42 :

- Sur notre chaîne PeerTube :

Infos & slides :

Un grand merci aux Studios pour leur super travail de montage :)

As a side note, just a shower thought about the role of time in these models and in Bitcoin...

A "funny" thing about the Newtonian model is the reversibility of time in its equations (something that is the complete opposite of our intuition of the existence of an arrow of time).

Thermodynamics has reintroduced the idea of an arrow of time with its 2nd principle.

This was pushed even further by researchers like Prigogyne (works on dissipative structures).

"We already store data. In a database. It works well." – Jimmy Wales

(submitted by susam)

@htimsxela @waxwing haha I just came across this too, it doesn't make Twitter more interesting but at least that's funny. I have to admit a bit of shadenfreude reading poor Daniel Kraswyz struggling to shill BSV to Jimmy Wales

@TallTim @kekcoin @waxwing oh yeah, if China got a cold many countries will simply die off. And this time I don't see who will be the next powerhouse that drives the world economy : India ? Russia ? Brazil ? And what about the planet Mars ?😂

@livestradamus just had a look at their wikipedia page, I think that such a poor franchise spawning so many sequels over almost 20 years definitely shows there's something wrong with the movie industry

There are many ways to build a cheap and secure little box dedicated to mixing with @[email protected]
For this one I used an @[email protected] XU4Q and some old credit cards:
* connect to a full node through Tor or LAN
* store the SSH keys on a hardware wallet

Where were you when you realised 3^3 + 4^3 + 5^3 = 6^3 ?

Wednesday's Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting is on #18044: Use wtxid for transaction relay (mempool, p2p) by Suhas Daftuar. Come discuss wtxids, tx relay/delay, AlreadyHave(), rolling bloom filters, mempool, orphans/rejects/confirmed txns, mapRelay and more:

@TallTim @kekcoin @waxwing I'm also mostly thinking about the long term economical and political consequences, and I am surprisingly not that afraid of being ill even if I am probably more exposed than other people as most of my friends are Chinese. But I'm starting to think that this epidemics could be the black swan that will trigger a long due economic crisis.

I have been very busy recently with life and stuff. Next week, I'm getting back to Bitcoin by doing a presentation about Schnorr / Taproot using the material from the recent code review (thanks @waxwing for taking so much time to explain some of this stuff to me)

I don't agree with everything greg maxwell says about non-technical topics, but this is so spot on I had to quote it:

"New things attract weirdos because normal people are more content with whatever they've already got going on in their lives. Often the weirdos are weird in good or at least benign ways. Sometimes they're weird in bad ways. I've been involved early on in a number of big impactful things and each one of them had a disproportionate share of weird people early on...." (1/2)

@emil it makes me remember a few years ago I tried to buy a Lenovo thinkpad too, I paid and then they gave me *one* phone call to confirm it was me and that I really want to buy it. I was busy at this moment and didn't pick up the call, called back later the same day and they told me since I didn't answer the first call they canceled my order.
Bought another brand instead 😆

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