stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure is spreading like it.

+1 for black power, they might not be as practical than modern firearms but they are really dangerous and an interesting psychological factor (fire, smoke, and loud as fuck).

Still not very effective for much self-defense you might reasonably encounter but still better than nothing.

Some hunting weapons can be interesting too I heard

I'll try to be optimistic here, and argue that the post covid world is going to push a lot of people into hardcore anarchism, and that we can expect some of them to get interested and involved in Bitcoin with a mindset that is let's say closer to its roots. So maybe we'll be surprised by the new entrants in the months and years to come.

form for a religious exemption to the mandate came out yesterday evening. my responses.

The lazy Firefox logo I posted last evening was rushed since it was getting late, so here's a more polished version. Attachment 2 is the transparent version so you can use it as icon

Last time I checked Norway was requiring full vaxx to fly there though.

Some U.S. computer prices from 30 years ago.
($1 of October 1991 dollars is about $2 today)

@vbhide @verretor
I'm not Swiss, but from where I see it now they need to push back hard right now, even taking the rifles out if necessary, or they're as fucked as the rest of Europe.



My understanding is indeed that the feds are forcing the green pass on the whole country, I heard first hand stories like students being unable to attend courses and go to the library if they're not vaxxed, since tests are expensive there.

The feds seem determined to harmonize Switzerland with the rest of the western world by all means necessary, including deception if I understood correctly what happened this summer.

I got red pilled on the topic by reading John Taylor Gatto (and by the mess that school is now with covid mismanagement). I'm in France and they just passed a law that make it a lot more difficult to homeschool than it used to be. My first child is too small to go to school now but I'm determined to homeschool him, no matter what the law is.

It didn't occur to me until now, but if anyone here needs, or knows of anyone who needs help getting started homeschooling, or just a little encouragement to keep going, I consult free of charge! I just want to help families get out of government school and help their children thrive in learning. Feel free to message me and we can work out the details of what you need most.

The Great Firewall of China still gives the best lesson on practical computer networking. Not only it teaches you the technical aspects but also the USA & Asia-Pacific ISP marketplace.

Telia, Cogentco, Level3, Hurricane Electric, Telstra, NTT, KDDI, Tata Communications, PCCW, HiNet.

Imagine studying the AS & peering using and BGP looking glass just to find a fast VPS vendor to browse the web.

I never used WSL Ubuntu myself, but I remember some of my students had a hard time trying to run a Bitcoin Core + lnd stack on it last year.

I guess it would have been too good to be true anyway.

The US losing face in #Afghanistan, at the price of so many deaths, puting millions at risk, is no suprise for anyone who followed the releases of WikiLeaks along the years.

Nor are the insane profits made from it by Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumann, KBR, etc.

None of the people responsible for the war in Afghanistan or the war criminals ever got sued.

Yet, #Assange the journalist who helped expose endless wars is rotting in jail, tortured by the Empire...


Let's add that if Bitcoin really works as intended, this is not a concern. Especially as a non US bitcoiner, I must admit that I really don't care about the infrastructure bill.

I don't know which direction Bitcoin price will move, but I'm pretty sure it will have very little to do with the infrastructure bill.

There are more powerful forces that could influence the price of Bitcoin right now, and I might be wrong but I think those forces will drive the demand up, big time.

Facebook users are not Facebook customers though.

Apple, well... Maybe that's proof that people indeed don't care.

Let's say it's a relatively mature experiment :)

Seriously, if it's successful, its economic and social implications are so vast, we barely scratched the surface, I don't think we can say it's not an experiment at this stage.

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