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if you haven't yet, take a look at en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Privacy, it has a great collection of known heuristics that attack privacy. I think it is safe to assume that all of the metrics mentioned there are probably being employed by chainspy companies.

@harding @htimsxela @threed and randomize the index of the change output, I know that Bitcoin Core is doing that, but maybe other wallets don't?

I know that chain surveillance tries to fingerprint wallets, what I don't know is what they're looking for exactly and how good they are at it.

Last night I dreamed I was a prisoner, locked up in a gorgeous XVIIth century palace full of marble, and forced to learn math with a bunch of other guys or I can't get out.

A few days ago I dreamed I was hanging out with Tom Araya and Hanneman, we were complaining about France government and excessive taxation and discussing how to end it.

I think I really need some vacations.

@verretor only 11th of July ? Didn't they advocate for lockdown earlier than that ?

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Having trouble keeping up with news and developments related to privacy? I write a monthly newsletter to do just that. 🔐📡🔎😎

And here is the September edition. Enjoy!

@stevenroose I was thinking that maybe usdt was using 2 digit precision, which would turn the 21 millions cap into 21,000,000,000,000, which is fine I guess, but maybe it would make it a bit awkward.
Another thing that puzzles me is that if you give the reissuance token away someone could issue virtually unlimited amounts of assets without you ever knowing it

@stevenroose Hi, thanks for those precisions, it was merely a question I asked out of curiosity when I found out that I could actually issue more than 21 millions of an asset, but I'm not sure there's really a use case for issuing more than 21 millions, let alone more than 2^64 of an asset

Huge Microsoft leak just happened.

- Some Windows 10 source from Microsoft's shared source initiative
- Windows XP/Server 2003 source
- Xbox Live Source (dated 2009)
- Several versions of Windows Embedded
- A lot of Windows CE stuff
- NT 3.5 and 4 source
- MS DOS 6.0 source
- MS DOS 3.30 OEM adaption kit source
- Windows Research Kernel source
- A 30GB+ archive of all of Microsoft's patents

Interesting article by @brian_trollz. But the assumption that all governments globally would (be able to) act in the described manner would require a global consensus to tackle bitcoin . Prosperity would beckon to those govs who violate this treaty. medium.com/block-digest-mempoo

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I keep needing to look up these numbers, so I made a handy table of single-sig and 2-of-3 multisig input and output sizes for different address formats (repost for correction):

I needed to take care of some stupid shit with my government this morning.
Mood for the rest of the day

I used to be stoic about all the bullshit going on, but it's getting harder and harder

@Traca @TallTim I agree that's not easy but it's not about everyone becoming a full fledge Cypherpunk, if at least a majority of bitcoin users took the simple steps of not buying kyc bitcoins and not keeping more bitcoins in custody than necessary, or at the very least come up with a better excuse than "boat accident", that would already be better

@Traca @TallTim it won't be easy, and will probably fail in the end, BUT if you're not ready you'll still loose your bitcoins no matter what.
Only with bitcoins on custody and the hww they can track down to a postal address it's already a big part of all bitcoins that are at risks. If you bought KYC bitcoin at some point they can still put you under pressure even if you really lost it, they won't play fair.
I'm worried that we are really a minority paying attention to this, which is bad

@verretor @TallTim it's almost as if people were dying more of the lockdown than the virus itself 😐

@TallTim @verretor Maybe it's a bit exaggerated, but that would explain why "hard" lockdown countries were hit so much badly than countries that chosed the hand-off approach

@h4890 it's not about sacrificing core belief, and even if this is bullshit, if she's being intoxicated you won't make her admit it immediately. Anyway the point was more don't try to fool a worried lady most could kill you for it 😂

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