I needed to take care of some stupid shit with my government this morning.
Mood for the rest of the day

I downloaded The Typing of the Dead to practive my typing skills, too bad I didn't knew about this game earlier I find it hilarious (and also pretty hard on the higher levels)

This is the kind of people that think you're a conspiracy theorist 😂

I just discarded the original Thunder Badger.
A HP laptop bought somewhere in Hangzhou in 2009, it was given a 2nd life when I turned it into a Bitcoin + LN node.
It tirelessly validated blocks and maintained my channels for more than 2 years, with little to no downtime, until the very end.
You can be proud of yourself, little Thunder Badger, you've been up to your duty.
Now rest in peace.

"The INSEE (french institute of statistics) is lying to you
4 to 6% of inflation /year"
Seen tonight in Paris subway

Talked about True Names to an anarcap friend of mine, he had no idea about it but sent me this pic when he got home, he actually bought the book a long time ago and totally forgot about it.
It's virtually unknown in France, I wonder if I could find a publisher willing to give me some good money to translate it in french. Probably not 😅

And just when you were thinking that CSW could not go any lower, this 😂
The joke is growing old, let's put the fucker in jails and throw the key away

I bought William Gibson's Neuromancer online, and when I got in my mailbox I realised it was the german version. Is anyone here reading german and willing to read this great masterpiece? 😅

Look at the last paragraph, CSW's bullshit is getting out of control :
"The nature of Hydra that Theymos wanted was as a mechanism to have children exchange hard drugs for pornographic photographs. They sought to alter Bitcoin to allow the distribution of encrypted child pornography that would be exchanged in schools for Fentanyl"
Imo Craig just hasn't realized yet it's not Twitter anymore, imagine saying stuff like that without laughing 😂

Meetup on Schnorr and Taproot yesterday. It was harder than I thought to prepare it, and I didn't quite expect so much interest, so great fun in the end

Very interesting presentation from
@carl_dong about build reproducibility and bootstrapability, unfortunately stuck in the US so we have to communicate through video

Lightning Network is very interesting privacy wise, even if some attacks are still possible today. Probe payments could reveal the amount locked in all channels for approximately $50

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Once you have a cluster, you still need to link it to a real identity, using either "onchain" or traditional means like KYC or eavesdropping.

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Another one is how to detect change address, this can be defeated by paying attention to the address type you're paying, avoid using round amounts, coincontrol etc

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One of these heuristics is "common input ownership". This can be defeated with CoinJoin and PayJoin, where inputs are owned by different people.

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