I'm playing around with signet for the first time, iiuc taproot is already activated on signet, but I can't find up to date information about how to actually create segwitV1 addresses, am I missing something ?

@Sosthene What software are you trying to use to create the address? No released version of Bitcoin Core includes the ability to create v1 segwit addresses.

Ok that was probably the part I was missing :)
So if I create a taproot address elsewhere, I can send signet btc there, right? What about spending it?
For context I've been asked about taproot by a beginner student and I was wondering if it was possible to do some kind of live demo of it now.

@Sosthene not at my computer right now but I think there's a PR adding basic taproot keypath spending support to Bitcoin Core wallet. You could try that. PR is by Pieter Wuille.

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