I'm getting a bit concerned by the number of people I know that will take one of the covid vaccines, not so much because they'll have it, but because they appear to do it either out of mindless compliance (they have no idea what it is nor what it's supposed to do or not, let alone the trade-offs), either because they're being blackmailed (they want to travel abroad this summer for example), they know it but just think they can't do anything about it.

Sometimes a bit of the mix of the two.


I know that's not nice to say that, but a society where young, healthy people are so gullible as to be ready to abdicate their free will and maybe their health without even trying to resist will disappear soon, and it will be well-deserved.

That process/change has been going on for a long time already and is essentially what I meant with x0f.org/@FreePietje/1061539977

People are getting tracked continuously (mostly via their mobile phone) and even when they get confronted with the consequences directly, they (seem to) shrug and continue on with their live and don't change anything about their life or the tracking, even when that's (relatively) simple.

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