Bitcoiners are often insulted because "they're not working"
But many just work smartly & refuse the modern dictatorship to work for work's sake
They're using the rest of their time in a way that Classics would call "σχολή" in Greek & "Otium" in Latin

They were all noble activities like learning philosophy & sciences, physical activities, discussions & disputations

We can stretch the point further:
Socials could be the modern version of the agora. Where they discussed publicly important matters

@mir_btc is there really people saying this? I think I never worked so hard than since I decided to work with bitcoin

@Sosthene yup. See Amy Castor some days ago. Really depends on the definition of work and free time... Or whatever. Best use of my time since bitcoin


@mir_btc ah, Amy Castor, of course...

I guess something can only qualify as "work" as long as you wouldn't do it if someone else wasn't paying you for doing it. Amy is not wrong then: we don't really work since we're doing stuff for ourselves because we want to, and that sometimes other people agree to give us money for doing the same stuff.

But what matters is that we still do many more meaningful things than Amy Castor.

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