@jon @waxwing @emil In case you want more info, here's an article I wrote about it a decade ago (not much has changed): linux.com/news/workrave-fights

For laptop keyboards, I find that I'm ok if I use a full-sized keyboard (e.g. laptops with 14-inch or larger screens) and I'm careful about my hand position. That said, I have a split keyboard[1] for desktop use that allows me to get ideal positioning.

I've never tried foot peddles for shifting keys; that's interesting.

[1] ultimatehackingkeyboard.com/


@harding @jon @waxwing @emil
Thanks for workrave, I had no idea stuff like that existed. Honestly I don't feel I'm using my keyboard enough to really need it today, but that might change fast as I'm seriously learning programming now

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