Great initiative in this week : proposal for a structured review of BIP Schnorr/Taproot. I'm seriously considering diving right in, and looking for other people interested by this in Paris

@Sosthene I signed up, as well as several other Chaincoders from last summer like James Chiang, Fabien Jahr, and Antoine Riard

@jon @Sosthene I've applied too. It is a nice to have to others in your physical location but don't let that stop you from doing it if you don't find them.

@michaelfolkson @jon haha it won't, I already signed in actually. I might have a handful of other people interested too here

@jon I feel like I will struggle to keep up the pace 🥴

@Sosthene @jon I suggest you give it a try anyway. There will probably never be a better opportunity to learn about the proposals than this.

@harding @jon I sure will, I already signed in, I talked about it to some friends, one is very interested too and maybe have already signed in

@jon @Sosthene Do we form the study groups? Are you a forming a Chaincode study group with those guys?

@jon @Sosthene Might be too big if @Sosthene and me join it too. We can find another one.

@michaelfolkson @Sosthene IDK yet. Maybe depends on people's availabilities too.

@michaelfolkson @Sosthene nearly a hundred rsvps, and thirty proof-of-concept ideas, so far for the taproot bip review

@jon @michaelfolkson @Sosthene
That's amazing - I was actually worrying there wasn't enough taproot review a couple months back :)

@waxwing @michaelfolkson @Sosthene discussed during the review before Wednesday’s Bitcoin Optech newsletter

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