@giacomozucco haha watch out gab is a sensitive topic on Mastodon too, it's okay on our instance but you'll get banned from Mastodon.social for this 😃

Thanks for heads up! Since @nvk is 10 times better than @Jack, I don't see any risk. Fuck Mastodon.social, though! :)
@SBR2 @Sosthene


@giacomozucco @nvk @Jack @SBR2 yeah @nvk is not even admin of the instance anymore, nobody is in fact. Anarchy! 🏴‍☠️

@waxwing @giacomozucco @nvk @Jack @SBR2 haha why not, I'd happily throw milkshake at you and ban you for this, but I can't, nobody can 🙂

@Sosthene Then who's updating your instance's software?

@Sosthene Not really possible. I hope your ex-admin solves the admin situation, because just leaving an entire community hanging like that is not a good move.

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