Jack is offering to fund Bitcoin development and seems to get a lot of kudos for that, but I can't help but feel suspicious, that it's only a PR stunt that doesn't cost him much and might blowback later.
Am I a paranoid bastard? Is hanging around here turning me into a grumpy ermit?

@Sosthene Bitcoin will make us all paranoids in the end, I'm sure. But I think it's worth assuming good faith and seeing what happens.

@harding Yeah, sure, it's not as if what I think about this could change anything anyway.
I guess I should give him a chance and see what happens

@Sosthene @harding

I highly doubt any *negative* intention, but what I glean is: he has an intuition that Bitcoin is special, but he also thinks blockchain creates immutability and thinks it will be useful to solve the kinds of problem that a social network has; that makes me suspect he's quite confused. I think the "crypto" people will "get" him in the end, i.e. it'll end up in shitcoinery. Lol I guess I'm cynical.

People hero worshipping him is 🤮

@waxwing @Sosthene I hadn't heard the immutability/social network angle about him before. Did you hear that in one of his podcast interviews or something? (I hardly listen to podcasts, and I'd prefer to listen to technical Bitcoin contributors when I do, so I've never paid attention to him.)

Shitcoiners with marketing budgets and paid evangelists and no commitment to actual decentralization (or integrity) do tend to get to most of the executives in the long run. :-(

@harding @Sosthene

Yes on both points: he said something quite revealing at the end of his Joe Rogan podcast (I think the first? There were two and they were both very long, he may have said it twice).

And yes I agree about evangelists and so on, it's the nature of the thing.

@waxwing @harding you don't make an ox drink if it's not thirsty. The suits are listening what they want to hear anyway.
Regarding Jack, I guess if he can make a few devs better off for some time that's still good enough. My concern is indeed that he eventually mislead more people with some shitcoinery that will be branded bitcoin-halal 😆

@Sosthene @waxwing @harding "The suits are listening what they want to hear anyway" very true. Nocoiner suit family member keeps approaching me with articles about "improving transparency with blockchain", then when I explain why it's probably a scam, the attitude becomes "I can't judge whether it's a scam but the idea is so good that I will focus on that and not think about the technical feasibility."

@kekcoin @waxwing @harding besides all other use cases, Bitcoin is also a great detector of fools. Wishful and group thinking cargo cult were always here, but it becomes obvious in the bitcoin/blockchain case.

@Sosthene @waxwing @harding Deep down these suits know most of what they sell is hot air too. Being able to make conversation with people about all these hip new things that will improve everything matters more to them than whether things will actually improve. I suppose a few lies a day keeps the depression away.

@Sosthene We have prior examples like Roger Ver, who promoted Bitcoin until his greed got the better of him. I don't trust Jack, but if a developer makes some money off of the deal, then fine.
Bitcoin is bigger than Silicon Valley, in any case.

@Sosthene I do not think you are a paranoid I fully understand and have the same opinion...oh wait maybe we are 2 bastards paranoids! 🤣

Listening to Tales From The Crypt (from Marty Bent) Episode 61 (35 mins long, made me realize Jack is much more of a nerd then I knew/realized.

Also, the Cash app and his investment in Lightning Labs could massively benefit from Bitcoin really catching on. Possibly even monetization of Twitter itself (
So, it could be that this is a win-win situation.

I understand your suspicion though and I hate the worshiping of famous people on :birdsite:

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