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Thunder Badger, mon guide pour installer son propre nœud Bitcoin et Lightning, a désormais son propre repo :
À l'origine un fork des super guides de Stadicus, mais nos versions commencent à diverger sérieusement et cela devenait difficile à maintenir.
Vous êtes libres de l'utiliser, le copier, le modifier ou de faire ce que vous voulez avec sans me demander l'autorisation (tant que vous conservez la licence attachée et que vous vous ne l'appropriez pas)

This is also the 2 years anniversary of the arrest of Ola Bini in Ecuador, brilliant researcher and programmer of privacy-enhancing software.

Ola was jailed 70 days for allegedly "hacking gov servers"
(lol) with risible pseudo-evidence (which books and a high-number of USB devices he owned..).

He is in legal limbo, with no formal accusation ever placed and hearings always postponed.. while banned from leaving Ecuador, who just elected a right-wing banker as new president. :(


I just added a section to the bitcoin wiki explaining how address reuse can also harm censorship resistance as well a privacy:

Remember "Collateral Murder"?

That feeling of sitting in that Apache helicopter with murderous psychopaths insulting their victims, laughing at their death?

It felt like a video game. Endless wars still going on...

It was 11 YEARS AGO!

None of the murderers got trialed. Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld are still free.

Yet #Manning the whistleblower spent 7y in jail, #Assange the publisher didn't have one day free in 10y, has been "British Guantanamo" for 2y.


the log of today's Bitcoin Core Review Club meeting is an interesting read if you want to learn about wallet transaction (re)broadcast semantics

(thanks @jon for putting it up)

we've created a Matrix room for discussion of Matrix-LN integration

let's do in-chat payments the right way 😀

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #143 is here:

- announces C-Lightning 0.10.0
- announces BTCPay
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects

Question to those that run their own mastodon instance: what are the requirements to run one on a VPS? I'm planning to do one just for me and a few people I know, but I can't find substantial information.

If it wasn't for a handful of interesting people that are unfortunately only there, I really would wonder what the fuck I would be doing on twitter.

This is like this everyday.

RT @wikileaks
11 years ago today WikiLeaks published Collateral Murder. It was a defining moment in our understanding of the Iraq war.

The publisher, Julian Assange, faces a 175 year sentence for publishing evidence of such crimes, government abuses & corruption

@mir_btc great article about Satoshi and his birthday nod to executive order 6102.

My immigrant great-great grand parents were forced to sell the gold coins they received as a wedding gift. When my great-great-grandfather died young , my great-great-grandmother and her 7 kids had to sell the farm and survive on their heavily depreciated fiat savings. The boys all had to go to work, only the girls could finish high school. In my family we never forgot or forgave FDR.

Dear Spotify: don’t manipulate our emotions for profit

Take a stand against Spotify
's recent speech-recognition patent that claims to detect “emotional state, gender, age, or accent” to recommend music.

Music services shouldn't be using covert surveillance in their products.

Long shot, but does anyone I follow have a copy of the publication EIA-305 Display Storage Tube Nomenclature? The last printing was 1978 and the only place I've found to get a copy costs $78 and is a "Secure PDF," which sounds likely to be unreadable garbage.

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