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Thunder Badger, mon guide pour installer son propre nœud Bitcoin et Lightning, a désormais son propre repo :
À l'origine un fork des super guides de Stadicus, mais nos versions commencent à diverger sérieusement et cela devenait difficile à maintenir.
Vous êtes libres de l'utiliser, le copier, le modifier ou de faire ce que vous voulez avec sans me demander l'autorisation (tant que vous conservez la licence attachée et que vous vous ne l'appropriez pas)

La conférence de @exodus à l'école 42 est disponible en vidéo !
- Sur la chaîne des Studios 42 :

- Sur notre chaîne PeerTube :

Infos & slides :

Un grand merci aux Studios pour leur super travail de montage :)

As a side note, just a shower thought about the role of time in these models and in Bitcoin...

A "funny" thing about the Newtonian model is the reversibility of time in its equations (something that is the complete opposite of our intuition of the existence of an arrow of time).

Thermodynamics has reintroduced the idea of an arrow of time with its 2nd principle.

This was pushed even further by researchers like Prigogyne (works on dissipative structures).

"We already store data. In a database. It works well." – Jimmy Wales

(submitted by susam)

There are many ways to build a cheap and secure little box dedicated to mixing with @[email protected]
For this one I used an @[email protected] XU4Q and some old credit cards:
* connect to a full node through Tor or LAN
* store the SSH keys on a hardware wallet

I have been very busy recently with life and stuff. Next week, I'm getting back to Bitcoin by doing a presentation about Schnorr / Taproot using the material from the recent code review (thanks @waxwing for taking so much time to explain some of this stuff to me)

@jon @waxwing @emil In case you want more info, here's an article I wrote about it a decade ago (not much has changed):

For laptop keyboards, I find that I'm ok if I use a full-sized keyboard (e.g. laptops with 14-inch or larger screens) and I'm careful about my hand position. That said, I have a split keyboard[1] for desktop use that allows me to get ideal positioning.

I've never tried foot peddles for shifting keys; that's interesting.


RT @[email protected]

We just released a new episode of the Cypherpunk Bitstream podcast where we talk about "The Second Realm": Is more liberty possible? Parallel systems, conflict management, TAZs, and The Sovereign Individual.

Hosts: @[email protected] & @[email protected]

Nouvel article tiré de mon intervention à Liège il y a deux semaines, "Bitcoin, champignons et cryptoanarchie" (oui je suis assez fier du titre)

Malicious Python libraries stealing OpenPGP and SSH keys:

– Look for python3-dateutil, and jeIlyfish.
– Both modules try to exfiltrate SSH/OpenPGP keys and send them to an IP address.
– This is the third time the PyPI team intervenes to remove typo-squatted malicious Python libraries from the official repository.

#python #malware #pypi #infosec #security #cybersecurity

Check this out, scam-ception:

This question describes the plight of a victim of a investment scam; they're asking what can be done to recover funds.

A bunch of answers pop up, and then eventually one that links to a sketchy 'recovery site' is posted, and quickly marked as accepted.


So the whole Q appears to be a set up: The scammers are trying to scam people that are distressed.. because they were just scammed! Terrible.

RT @[email protected]

Our schnorr/taproot workshop notebooks are now available on Google Colab so you can play with taproot without having to clone and build a bitcoind locally:

Thanks to @[email protected] for setting these up!

"The INSEE (french institute of statistics) is lying to you
4 to 6% of inflation /year"
Seen tonight in Paris subway

Why not stay home this Black Friday with some awesome indie creator content instead?

✅ pyjama-wear appropriate
✅ no crowds
✅ relaxing
✅ discover something new
✅ supporting people not corporations
✅ great value

Indie content: the civilized way to enjoy your Friday.

Creators, please reply with your digitally available books/games/comics/TTRPGs/anything people can enjoy from home on Friday! Sales not necessary. :boost_ok:

Ce mardi 3 décembre après-midi se tient à l'ENS de Lyon une demi-journée d'étude «Utopies, résistances, pratiques concrètes et théoriques face au numérique», avec @felix (auteur de «L'utopie déchue», éd. Fayard) et @pyg (directeur de

Infos :


Just figured out that John Perry Barlow is a former member of The Grateful Deads.

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