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Thunder Badger, mon guide pour installer son propre nœud Bitcoin et Lightning, a désormais son propre repo :
À l'origine un fork des super guides de Stadicus, mais nos versions commencent à diverger sérieusement et cela devenait difficile à maintenir.
Vous êtes libres de l'utiliser, le copier, le modifier ou de faire ce que vous voulez avec sans me demander l'autorisation (tant que vous conservez la licence attachée et que vous vous ne l'appropriez pas)

Bitcoin twitter is riled up because a well-known podcaster admitted to not running their own node. I bet more 'notable bitcoiners' are guilty of this than most people think!

So here's a question: how long after acquiring your first bit of bitcoin did you set a node up? I bet only a select group of highly technical people went node->acquire BTC.

Still in the no-node group? Speak up, and let someone help you get one going! Claw back some sovereignty, join the revolution.

A number of people have asked how to make Wordpress blogs federate with the Fediverse (including Mastodon and Pixelfed).

You can do this by adding the ActivityPub for Wordpress plugin from here:

When the plugin is installed, it allows anyone on the Fediverse to follow your Wordpress blog.

It's still in beta, the plugin's developer is @pfefferle

#ActivityPub #Fediverse #WordPress #Mastodon #Pixelfed

after 4.69 years of uptime and over 16 years of continuous service our very last 64 bit DEC Alpha retired itself early this morning. @netbsd #bsd #rip #thankyou #goodbye

Now listening : Entrez le Carnaval, Carnival in Coal

(I don't normally quotetoot but seems important to give some context here:)

@sean writes the Fediverse's news site @blog, the excellent instance on PeerTube, and runs lots of other projects promoting decentralised social media. He provides these free of charge, but now needs our help.

If you are able to support his good work, please give him a hand 👍

Details of how you can send support in the post below:

Thank you

The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is The Python Programming Bundle by No Starch Press

Get $363 worth of DRM-free e-books like Python Playground, Mission Python, and Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python.

Each available in multiple formats for all devices.

#books #ebooks #DRMfree

Posted this on the Bitcoin Stack Exchange after the Bitcoin PR review club. I think it should probably be added to the docs on the config file @jon

I believe if #Twitter was a content-neutral service, these attacks would have little effect. But these coordinated attacks play the game of suggested content, trending topics, people you may know etc.
Here on #Mastodon there is no AI. And I think it's a lot harder to game that way. You need actual followers to get heard. You can't game your content onto others' feed, you need to earn that place.
#HongKong @waxwing

After much too big a delay, I'll be putting out a new release of Joinmarket in the next few days. If anyone around here is a regular user and wants to help, please test current master - 36e834ff3f2f99fb48c0afe338a364ddaab783b4 (consider it a release candidate).

When I look at Firefox's CPU usage and the number of open tabs

Almost 20 years after it's release, I am still to find a more badass and less cliché death metal than Gojira's Terra Incognita

RT @[email protected]

One of the most common questions we get is: "how do I run a routing node?", or "why am I not forwarding payments?". In response, today we're releasing the first part of our multi-part guide on operational Lightning routing node management by @[email protected]: ⚡️

A right is something which you can legitimately defend with violence.

If you're unable to use violence, you effectively have no rights.

unpopular opinions: pamac is gay as fuck, & systemd isn't really that bad

Banks are reverse ransomware.

Ransomware locks you out of your data and requires a payment to release it.

Banks lock you out of your money and require your private data to release it.

In both cases, there is no guarantee that they will honour their side of the contract, and sometimes, they just don't.

@switchingsocial I dont know if you caught this. But just after I started on Mastodon I ran across your profile. Your web site inspired me to get rid of the big tech, introduced me to Yunohost and start a podcast to show other people like me how easy it really is. If you wouldnt mind it giving it a listen and some tips on what things I should cover over the course of the podcast. there is also a vidcast for tutorials.

#TIL Apple lays PCB traces under the screw holes of the iPhone motherboards and uses multiple types of screws with ~0.1mm difference in length. If your ever screw the 0.1mm longer screw to the wrong place, the PCB traces under the screw would be damaged, thus instantly kills the entire motherboard.

There is no obvious mechanical or electrical reasons to do it, it sounds almost like a "tamper-detection" mechanism designed to retaliate to anyone who dire to attempt fixing an iPhone.

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