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, mon tuto complet pour installer Linux, Bitcoin Core et LND sur un ordinateur qui ne vous sert plus est bien avancé : 👉

C'est encore un travail en cours que je vais améliorer par la suite, toutes les remarques sont les bienvenues.

Plutôt qu'un tigre dans votre moteur, mettez un ratel dans votre vieux portable pourri !

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My @BTCPayServer is now live !
If you want to give it a shot, you're welcome to create your own store at my place :
First channel opened with @bitcoinshirt : 02b[email protected]
Feel free to connect and open channels with me : 03b[email protected]

Just talked with someone that has quit her job in the French local administration ("fonction publique territoriale") because she was "disgusted by the widespread corruption and abuse".
Everything's gonna be fine

Breaking Bitcoin just announced on Twitter that due to a lack of sponsor they have to cancel the hackathon. It's particularly ironic that on a field where people threw literally billions of dollars on all kind of vapourwares not so long ago and can still find a hell lot of money for blockchain bullshit conference like in Paris this week you can't find a few dozens thousands euros for breaking bitcoin.
I hope the bear market is not other yet, because there's still a lot of cleaning to do.

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Coldcard is integrated to Wasabi. Possibly other hardware wallets are working, too, but I don't have access to them. Consider to help testing them out:

Can't really get much closer than that today. It looks pretty bad but I'm really impressed by how such an old building could resist this well

@Sosthene sigh, personal threats are really the lowest of the low

but yes—take care and use Tor or a VPN if you run your node from home

Just wow. And below are more than implicit threats.
And they say that bitcoin maximalists are toxic. I don't remember one of us ever doxing someone else like this. Unsurprisingly RV liked this shit. BCH/BSV is really the scum of this community.
Everyone just use Tor with your full node, stay safe

H16 a parfaitement résumé mes inquiétudes concernant la restauration de Notre-Dame: l'argent et les compétences ne manqueront pas, la question est de savoir si le chantier pourra être tenu à l'écart des lubies des élus qui doivent déjà baver devant un tel terrain de jeu ouvert à leur corruption et à leur mégalomanie. Ce chantier sera un excellent test du degré de corruption atteint par la France.

Wow I've been back on Twitter those last days, and the Notre Dame fire just reminded me why I left in the first place, just too much of this kind of retarded shit

I was thinking that it was all destroyed inside, but the old lady hold up beautifully, just look at this.

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🚨 Our new intro video, successfully crowdfunded by the community a few weeks ago is now live! 📽️

Crafted by the amazing @[email protected] How do you like it?

Nouvelle formule pour le prochain atelier : présentation en 1h30 de Wasabi Wallet, l'occasion de revenir sur les fondamentaux de la confidentialité dans Bitcoin. C'est le vendredi 19 à 19h dans les locaux de l'ALEPS, 35 avenue Mac Mahon à Paris

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