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Thunder Badger, mon guide pour installer son propre nœud Bitcoin et Lightning, a désormais son propre repo :
À l'origine un fork des super guides de Stadicus, mais nos versions commencent à diverger sérieusement et cela devenait difficile à maintenir.
Vous êtes libres de l'utiliser, le copier, le modifier ou de faire ce que vous voulez avec sans me demander l'autorisation (tant que vous conservez la licence attachée et que vous vous ne l'appropriez pas)

I'm playing around with signet for the first time, iiuc taproot is already activated on signet, but I can't find up to date information about how to actually create segwitV1 addresses, am I missing something ?

ICYMI, /e/OS has been successfully ported on to the #Teracube 2e 🎉
The release is in its beta version and we're looking for volunteers to help us test /e/ OS on the device.
Follow the link for more details & sign up to help!

I'm getting a lot of DMs about whether I'll be at miami.

I'm sorry guys I keep applying but the Australian govt won't let me out

#TIL In 2017, a 33-year-old buffer overflow vulnerability was discovered in VMS, allowing denial of service or privilege escalation. The exploit worked on all VMS systems after v4.0, from the earliest VAX, Alpha, Itanium to the latest x86_64 machines, and affected systems shipped by Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, HP, HPE, and VMS Software, Inc. (VSI). Retro-exploiting! #retrocomputing #VMS #OpenVMS

There are edit wars
where date of death is being
added and removed

The flame burns all the
way back to her boyfriend's house
and sets fire to it

I know that's not nice to say that, but a society where young, healthy people are so gullible as to be ready to abdicate their free will and maybe their health without even trying to resist will disappear soon, and it will be well-deserved.

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I'm getting a bit concerned by the number of people I know that will take one of the covid vaccines, not so much because they'll have it, but because they appear to do it either out of mindless compliance (they have no idea what it is nor what it's supposed to do or not, let alone the trade-offs), either because they're being blackmailed (they want to travel abroad this summer for example), they know it but just think they can't do anything about it.

Sometimes a bit of the mix of the two.


...and the borders aren't closed for the elite. my pro surfer friends from europe just spent a couple months in australia (gold coast, bells, then western australia, basically all over) before heading to hawaii

these restrictions are like taxes, they're only for the little people

A chinese friend that live abroad just got his Wechat account frozen, and received a call from a chinese stasi agent to tell him "not to talk about things you shouldn't talk about". He also said he will call again in one month.

It's getting more interesting when you know that most people use Wechat as a quasi bank account, and having your account frozen also means you'll lose control on the money that's on it. Do you see where all this is going?

My FOSS friends, is there some nice way to turn papers from papers into epub?

10 YEARS AGO #WikiLeaks published the "Gitmo Files", detailing inhumane torture and incredible incompetence brutally/illegally crushing hundreds of peoples' lives (many of them were known to be innocent).

How many of them still tortured by the US today?

The torturers?
None were charged.

#Assange, the publisher?
Charged with "conspiracy for espionnage" with C. Manning, 2y+ in "the British Guantanamo", still facing US extradition and up to 175y in another #Guantanamo.

If you supported lockdown, you're a criminal

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gitian builders, it's that time again 😀 bitcoin core 0.21.1 release candidate 1 (v0.21.1rc1) has been tagged and this tutorial for building gitian sigs just updated 🚀
Ok I missed out on Thailand, they're putting us to shame when it comes to covidemencia.
Spraying disinfectant in the jungle, to protect the country from the virus that might cross the birman border. 🤡
I can't wait to read history books from the future, people a hundred years from now will probably just look at us like complete fucking morons.

This is also the 2 years anniversary of the arrest of Ola Bini in Ecuador, brilliant researcher and programmer of privacy-enhancing software.

Ola was jailed 70 days for allegedly "hacking gov servers"
(lol) with risible pseudo-evidence (which books and a high-number of USB devices he owned..).

He is in legal limbo, with no formal accusation ever placed and hearings always postponed.. while banned from leaving Ecuador, who just elected a right-wing banker as new president. :(


I just added a section to the bitcoin wiki explaining how address reuse can also harm censorship resistance as well a privacy:

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