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Thunder Badger, mon guide pour installer son propre nœud Bitcoin et Lightning, a désormais son propre repo :
À l'origine un fork des super guides de Stadicus, mais nos versions commencent à diverger sérieusement et cela devenait difficile à maintenir.
Vous êtes libres de l'utiliser, le copier, le modifier ou de faire ce que vous voulez avec sans me demander l'autorisation (tant que vous conservez la licence attachée et que vous vous ne l'appropriez pas)

The finalized reading list for tomorrow's Socratic Seminar on BIP-Taproot (BIP 341) is up:

We now have quite a few successful experiments paying btcpayserver from Joinmarket, including when btcpayserver is an onion endpoint. Looking pretty good, but there are obviously teething problems going to surface here and there.

Syntax is `python walletname.jmdat bip21uri` where bip21uri you just copy-paste from the btcpayserver invoice page (if the server has payjoin, it'll automatically get the `pj=` parameter in there).

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Remembering Aaron Swartz, the remarkable activist, Reddit co-founder, and victim of prosecutorial misconduct.

Did you know that Satoru Iwata (the legendary CEO of Nintendo) was an unpaid intern at Commodore Japan in Akihabara and wrote a videogame for the VIC20?
#retrocomputing #retrogaming #8bit #vic20 #c64

Wow. I have received my first PGP encrypted spam.

Blockchain spam, no less.

The transcript of @rootzoll and @openoms at Potzblitz on the RaspiBlitz full node is up. Includes a section on JoininBox (Joinmarket support on the RaspiBlitz)

If most gold reserves are in central bank vaults, and most central banks are privately owned, does it mean most gold is in private hands of a few individuals?

Does it mean that when we say that Russia stockpiled on gold, in reality, it's private individuals moving gold around?

The transcript of June's Sydney Socratic Seminar is up covering topics such as Succinct Atomic Swaps, DNS seed policy in Bitcoin Core and secp256kfun

In the endless series
'Google is EVIL'

Yesterday I learned that any #COVID19 tracking app will be under full control of G👀gle and you must use their proprietary 'Play Services' to access the needed API.

And today I learned that you need to give G👀gle the PRIVATE keys to your app:

This means G👀gle can distribute an 'update' to your app with a BACKDOOR whenever they want.

App 'updates' were touted to p0wn your phone a while back (iirc);
this is the implementation.

Tim Ruffing's London Bitcoin Devs presentation on Taproot and Schnorr Multisignatures is up:

Any of you by chance forgot 3 kg (worth $191,000) of gold in a Swiss train? If so you can now claim it at the prosecutor's office in Lucerne.
Thank me later.

Just saw what's happening in Dijon (dozens of Chechens came to fight local arab community while the police sits on their hands, some seem to have guns on both side).
There are still more than 6 months left of 2020...

A 0.6.3 release for Joinmarket is imminent, which will be the *last release supporting Python 3.5*.

(next will be py3.6 and above, only, and will be a big change including psbt and other stuff)

Please run the current commit, if you have a chance, to sanity check if there are any final bugs to fix:

#joinmarket #bitcoin

I'm considering buying a real keyboard, I remember a very interesting thread about this topic with @harding and @jon here, but it must be a bit far in my favorites I can't find it again :)

@waxwing @lukedashjr We (oxt research) have started an investigation of these 1-of-1 addresses (code name Crazy1o1).

First results:

Since these tweets were published, we have identified ~3.7M of P2SH and P2WSH 1-of-1 addresses in this cluster and I think the final figure should be ~4M.

AFAICT, this entity has played a huge role in the last fee spike.

Sci-Hub used to accept donations via "centralized & regulated payment processors such as PayPal." Now it only accepts Bitcoin, presumably to "avoid banking blockades or government seizure"

This 2018 article explores how much bitcoin Sci-Hub has received: selling high-quality city guides within the app is a neat idea for financing a sustainable open-source app. Chapeau!

> I was able to scream (not whistle: scream) a 300 baud carrier tone.

> This skill proved useful when I was in college and the mainframe system was down. Instead of sitting around waiting for the system to come back, I just went about my regular business around campus. Every so often, I would go to a nearby campus phone (like a free public phone but it can only make calls to other locations on campus), dial the 300 baud dial-up number, and scream the carrier tone. If I got a response, that meant that the mainframe was back online and I should wrap up what I was doing and head back to the lab.

> Mind you, this skill isn’t very useful nowadays.

- Raymond Chen

#retrocomputing #modem #dialup

On Wednesday June 17th Tim Ruffing will present on BIP-Schnorr and will answer questions on both BIP-Schnorr and his thesis "Cryptography for Bitcoin and Friends". The day before (Tuesday 16th) we'll host a Socratic Seminar to prepare. We'll try Jitsi and fall back to Zoom if there are problems with Jitsi. The link to the Socratic is here:

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