Stronger people hurt weaker people. If your plan to fix this is to create a society this doesn't happen in, you will become a tyrant(prob fail at doing so)
Personal responsibility

Woman shouldn't be allowed to vote. You should have to take a test for everyone else. Sorry.

We live in a reality
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Jesus, the men on here telling women how to make themselves more safe when they're out. Fucking HELL. MATES. IT'S YOU who makes us less safe. Sort your fucking selves out.

Why don’t people like Marty/Steve get to pen op-ed’s in the NYT/WSJ, but armchair critics moving on from their last month’s tether conspiracy theories get to sound off as if they know anything at all?

Fuckin moron they're using the flare to mine and not putting it into the atmosphere. Just say you don't care about the environment
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What a disaster for the environment

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Every time I speak of Greta Thunberg not being good at seeing eye to eye with anyone, I do so with great love and affection.

She cannot help the fact that she was born fucked up!

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Huffpost, where I grew up professionally and to which i will forever have a deep emotional connection, is laying off 47 journalists today. I’m devastated for thse folks.

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Translation: It is NOT trivial to independently verify the supply of ETH.

Also ETH has no supply cap, aka is no different than FIAT 2.0

This virus you speak of. Is it in the room with us now?
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BTC institutional alert:

JPMorgan, in its first-ever material mention of Bitcoin in an SEC filing, minutes ago filed a set of documents for a "Cryptocurrency Exposure Basket."

The filing, which lists 11 reference stocks in the basket, can be read here:

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Arkansas mandated masks on July 20th, while neighboring Oklahoma never did.

They’ve followed the same exact curves, almost to the exact number, for the entire outbreak regardless.

There is literally nothing on earth with less evidence of efficacy than masks.

LMAO pathetic
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[email protected], creator of the Renegade dance, to @janai on not being recognized for creating the now-famous dance at just 14: “It was pretty hard for me...I really don’t like to see Black creators not getting the recognition that they need.”

Watch TONIGHT 10|9c.

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Don’t want to nitpick but last year it turned out a prince had been having secret holidays with a sex trafficking paedophile

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