Hello Bitcoine hackers, I would highly appreciate it if you read my article and maybe give me your feedback

“Producers vs Money Producers, The Only Two Classes” by Thomas Semaan link.medium.com/77IHXdXU2cb

My father noticed that the media is attacking Bitcoin, and it got him confused as to why it's doing so, especially during this bull run.

He is usually a skeptical man, not an extremist anti MSM type of person, but the orange pill will take him there eventually.

No one is as good as Rothbard in explaining anything.

Twitter ain't that bad, I take my previous toot back, this is great 😆 :bull:

Normies asking me about Bitcoin and then telling they bought some shitcoins is exactly why I want all these scams dead!

Don't associate my Bitcoin preaching with shitcoinery.

The term "stimulus" used by public economists does not align with the Theory of Human Action.

In physiology, the reaction to a stimuli is always a given based on sensitivity.

The monetary stimulus does not have a predetermined reaction, receivers will not all use it for the same purpose, thus "stimulus" is a misleading term, and one might believe that misleading people is purposeful.

Twitter is awful, especially during a dip. When did everyone become so weak there? Mastadon is where people are keeping the conversation going regardless of the price.

I would normally say a dip like this is great as it gets rid of the weak hands so that strong hodlers can takeover. However, this time it feels like institutions are taking the corn of main street. Anyone selling now will regret it big time.

The revolution, education and opting out are all great, but quitting corporate slavery is my main driver to stacking sats.

Having this safe cushion (Bitcoin balance) is allowing me to start my own business.

Is this the most bullish "dip" in this parabolic run?

Mastadon will not attract the likes of Saifedean, Jimmy Song, Rochard etc. This place will be for plebs only. Thoughts?

I truly believe Satoshi was knowledgeable on Austrian theory. The greatest Ancapist of my generation.

When introducing interventionist policies to the market, via taxation and monetary inflation, the sovereign individuals opt out and form their gated Citadel.

When limiting freedom of speech, through social media censorship, the sovereign individuals opt out and form their Echo Chambers. What's great about this is that everyone actually wants to listen to the sovereign individuals, so the Echo Chambers will grow indefinitely.

Two things are not only unstoppable but also anti-fragile, Bitcoin and freedom of speech.

Hello Mastadon.

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