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I want to express my appreciation for @orionwl @MarcoFalke @fanquake @_jonasschnelli_ and meshcollider who have the hard job of maintaining Bitcoin Core.

Being an open source developer is often a thankless job with lots of people complaining, so show them some love.

A thread about Schnorr with Pieter Wuille with a little of Peter Todd and Amir Taaki : nitter.net/pwuille/status/1297

I'm starting to wonder if we really need Schnorr? It seems all the cool tricks are risky?

Pieter :

> "Just Schnorr signatures are boring. They're ECDSA without the weirdness, but unlikely to be worth the hassle on their own.

> What can be built on them is huge: multisig, thresholds, atomic swaps, ...

> But they're *protocols*, and those are inherently harder than signatures."

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🚨BTCPay Server v1.0.5.4 is out!
-⚒️ only build (default)
- 🎨redesigned login page
- ✅new recovery phrase page
- 🔔Multi-selection of invoices and notifications
Plenty of UX/UI improvements, 🐞🔫and two security vulnerability fixes.

Read more blog.btcpayserver.org/btcpay-s

Breaking: Yet another @ledger fuck up.

It seems some shitcoin apps can be used steal bitcoins.

Putting my own reservations concerning Paxful aside and understanding that he may well just be talking his book, here's a quote from its CEO that I find fascinating :

“P2P is how the world works,” said Youssef. “Dare I say it – and I do – in two years time, P2P volume will flippen exchange volume, which is vastly inflated. They’ve got some surprises coming from the people of Africa.”


Christian Decker :

"It's finally here: v0.9.0 "Rat Poison Squared on Steroid" was released. It includes PSBT support, fine-grained coin control, and can serve as the backend wallet for protocols. In addition we shipped full keysend support and multi-part payments."


Adam Back today :

"happy independence day bitcoiners.
never forget. onwards. upwards."

Having trouble keeping up with news and developments related to privacy? Last month I started a monthly newsletter to do just that. 🔐📡🔎😎

And here is the July edition. Enjoy!

Another interesting podcast from Anita Posch on Bitcoin usage in Africa (Nigeria here); one interesting factoid was ~ $18M in remittances per week via the bitcoin channel. This guy probably knows quite a bit about it as he used to be the manager for Paxful for Africa (iirc from what he said here):



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Spent the morning building this out with @DennisReimann.

Introducing bitcoindevlist.com.

If you are working on a bitcoin project and currently accepting donations: submit a PR and get yourself added.

If you are a bitcoiner: please consider supporting our builders!

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KYC data should be treated as radioactive waste and disposed of properly, to not risk toxic spills which permanently irradiate businesses and put their communities at risk. ☢️

If I find the time, I want to test the same thing with a bunch of online services and see who's spying... : bitcoinhackers.org/@alik555/10

Virus, Masks, Health, Privacy 

Masks protect you by lowering the amount of virus that does get in, which means lighter symptoms. Common sense. It took some doctors quite a while to catch on : text.npr.org/s.php?sId=8932270

"[...] the less virus that you get in, the less sick you're likely to be."

I wear masks to protect Me, Myself and I. The fact that the government is worried it might break facial recognition is just an added bonus : theintercept.com/2020/07/16/fa

Elegance, Nature, Uplifting 

I have to figure out how to have more nature in my life : youtube.com/watch?v=oi38cQMORQ

Now that US banks can custody bitcoin, remember: not your keys, not your bitcoin.

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