/USD 4H. Damn, guys! Was I right or was I right?
If you watched the latest ! Show (episode 25), you know I called for this Cup& Handle!😎😈
Check it out youtu.be/6Pe9S3KGJJ4

Good morning ! bulls out there! For those late to the party, check the latest FYouMoney! Show to learn about BTC price action and what The Simpsons think about Bitcoin!😎🎬πŸŽ₯πŸš€

/USD 4H. Does anyone recognise this pattern that is forming here? Not validated yet but, if validated what could happen?

Good morning bulls out there! A few hours ago, had the highest weekly close EVER in its history => $59,975.28
This is EPIC!🍾πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰

The ! Show is back with episode 23! Let's talk and live stream! Check it out hereπŸ‘‡

The 20th episode is live! Check it out and watch my take on current short term dump as well as Bitmex funding rate thoughts! 🎬πŸŽ₯πŸ˜ŽπŸ“ˆ

/USD 1H. Bitmex funding rate at 0.15% (still above the threshold)... No bueno!πŸ‘‡

Good morning bulls out there! It seems the bearish structure I said I didn't like in my last video finally broke out to the downside. However as predicted the moving averages + the 56k support hold the price creating another higher low.
I'm on it!😎

The show has a new freshly released episode!!! Come check the provided charts analysis to help everyone understand price action better!
Episode 14 is here: 🎬πŸŽ₯😎

Good morning fans out there! For those that didn't get my tweet or are just now waking up, here's the latest episode of "F You Money!"😎

Come check the latest episode of ! Technical Analysis and Strategies on trading and the Model.🎬 πŸŽ₯ 😎

Good morning to all bulls out there! Today I'm in trading class with @PRO_Indicators. Coming back online soon!

It seems the 3RB price can possibly remain where it was in the analysis video! In a few hours I'll update! πŸ˜‰

Good morning to all bulls out there! Today the indicators signalled the invalidation of the 3RB! Previously the 3RB was on $52666 (last swing high on the 3rd March). Now the indicator is still waiting for another 3RB to form! I'll discuss this in a new video!😎

/USD 4H. The "dumb zone" is anything in-between the green and red areas (23% and 78% Fibs)! Trading inside the dumb zone is just gambling! If you want to learn more about this, give my YouTube channel a try! 😎

Good morning to all bulls out there! Today I'm angry at YouTube for taking more than an hour to upload a 15 min video! When my [EP01] gets online the price action is already showing what I predicted this morning...

/USD 4H. moving! Trying to cross the downwards trendline! Let's see what the outcome is.

/USD 4H. The possibility of a H&S completing on the 4H chart is now off the table. The neck line wasn't broken to the downside. "Nothing to see here. Move along!"

/USD 4H. In my book, this is a "head and shoulders" pattern! Possibly taking price to the low $40s!
If that happens it's a beautiful chart! And my "cherry on top price" box will be filled with longs! :)

Good morning to all bulls out there! Today I was very surprised to wake up and read all the messages of support related to the first episode ("The Pilot") of my new YouTube Channel. Thank you all, really!

RT @_Hugo_Ramos_
More than 90% of you guys voted for me to create my own YouTube channel and you should have been careful what you voted for!
Who wants to watch a horror movie tonight? πŸ‘»πŸ˜ˆπŸ’€
Here it is! The Pilot…

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