/USD 4H. Damn, guys! Was I right or was I right?
If you watched the latest ! Show (episode 25), you know I called for this Cup& Handle!😎😈
Check it out youtu.be/6Pe9S3KGJJ4

/USD 4H. Does anyone recognise this pattern that is forming here? Not validated yet but, if validated what could happen?

Finally The Simpsons did it! to infinity! πŸ€˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
(Season 32, Episode 18) just premiered hours ago!
@ToneVays @maxkeiser @stacyherbert @UglyOldGoat1 @LeahWald @MaryfoxCrypto @Crypto_Daily @elonmusk @michael_saylor

Got a congrats email from @YouTube for my ! It feels so good and, at the same time, so distant from the goals we're trying to achieve! But I'm not quitting!😎πŸŽ₯
Hey guys at YouTube: Pls fix the upload problem! Uploading videos taking so long. That would be nice.πŸ‘

/USD 1H. Bitmex funding rate at 0.15% (still above the threshold)... No bueno!πŸ‘‡

Me trying to upload a new show episode about Β  to ... After more than 2 hours the first smile! πŸ€ͺ🀣

Good morning to all bulls out there! Today the indicators signalled the invalidation of the 3RB! Previously the 3RB was on $52666 (last swing high on the 3rd March). Now the indicator is still waiting for another 3RB to form! I'll discuss this in a new video!😎

RT @woonomic
@BTC_JackSparrow This is interesting, gets cleaner hits with the miners block reward revenue chart (ignores fees revenue).

I used a minimum amount of MA, only enough to smooth the noise (3d MA) on @glassnode hourly data.

We first saw variations of this chart in 2018/19.

/USD 4H. The "dumb zone" is anything in-between the green and red areas (23% and 78% Fibs)! Trading inside the dumb zone is just gambling! If you want to learn more about this, give my YouTube channel a try! 😎

/USD 4H. moving! Trying to cross the downwards trendline! Let's see what the outcome is.

I said that a few hours ago reporting the DXY at 92.
Thanks Peter, for confirmation! 😈
RT @PeterLBrandt
The devaluation of the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar $DX_F has only just begun. This is why Bitcoin $BTC, real estate, U.S. equities and commodities will continue to trend higher when expressed in $USD fiat terms.

Guys, I'm finally wearing a new t-shirt! Need some laser eyes (Not blue this time)! Please help me! 😎

/USD 4H. In my book, this is a "head and shoulders" pattern! Possibly taking price to the low $40s!
If that happens it's a beautiful chart! And my "cherry on top price" box will be filled with longs! :)

(1/2) /USD 4H. We're close to confirm a 3RB on . If that's the case, a 4RB is very possible ~$40k ("cherry on top price yellow box"). It seems nobody is looking at the dollar rising for 3 days (2nd image). This is holding from going up.

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