(1/3) /USD 4H. The indicators are saying price, momentum and sinewave are ok to buy. However, I see a 30% probability of price going lower to the range between 50% and 61% Fibs ($40k-$43.5k - yellow circle) finding strong support on lower context gray box.


(2/3) The daily MRI count has reset to 1 red, which helps me to accept the 30% probability price going lower to the range $40k-$43.5k. I see this drop as one of the bigger corrections we're going to see along the way to the top. I will only be concerned if price drops below $40k!

(3/3) As I showed before, expect a big correction every time the price goes above the exponential curve of the Model! I called for this yesterday on a tweet, and it happened a few hours later!
Stay focused, don't worry. This is still a bull market!

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