So my Grandparents are now fully vaccinated but they aren't allowed to leave their house because they still can get COVID.

- I can still get infected
- I can still transmit the virus

What's the point of this vaccination? 🤡🤡🤡

People are as open-minded as their wallet allows them to be.

I come back to this space for clean air.🧡

The Clubhouse-I-need-attention-mods🤡 and the echo chamber of egos🤡became impossible. Maybe Soapbox will be a hopeful (albeit temporary) alternative.😶

The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) accuses the U.S. Treasury Department of infringing the rights of cryptocurrency holders using private wallets.

If you can't COPE - you will turn to SALT 🤣😂
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@maxkeiser is crushing and every other asset class it has nothing in common with at the moment due to its thin float and concentrated ownership by whales, massive market manipulation, heavy pumping by shills like you, and an ample supply of fools greedy enough to buy it.

The moment when you realize that “Bitcoin fixes it.”

Ok. I’m gonna go meditate this meme troll dumbfk out of my mind.

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Elon’s trolling of doge shits is getting really old. I’m so sick of getting calls from uneducated peeps that I then have to RE-EDUCATE. He’s literally making this harder and slowing the process. I’m not a fan of his mosquito level annoying selfish bullshit. 💩

these wsb peeps got me waiting with bullish open arms

I’m literally watching one of the wallstreetbets twitch dudes get his first wallet and bitcoins. I’m so dang bullish. The education is happening🧡🚀

Fidelity has almost 17 million shares of GameStop. (Tryin to be the final boss in their bs game)

Vanguard and Schwab have a MASSIVE amount of AMC shares.

They are trying to drain the hedgefunders
by using the information from the yolo-investors?

It's so great to see the tide turning in the financial education of the general public.

This is soooo dang bullish for Bitcoin,
I can’t even stand it!!🧡🚀

Thank you for my btc mug.
My coffee tastes 21M times better🧡

I slightly hate myself getting espn+ just to watch this fight tonight.
I could have stacked 278847.86 sats.

National debts, global monetary system 

Translation: "The party is over soon, because our creditors are slowly waking up to our massive, multi-polar pyramid scheme. Build as many physical things as you possibly can, while you're still able to counterfeit your money units to pay for them!"

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This is called censoship. You getting kicked off a internet website isn't censorship.

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