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1/ Unconfirmed report on IRC of "a significant (400+) number of peers on the bitcoin p2p network that are currently engaging in a sybil attack. They pretend to be running various versions of Bitcoin software, but are not. They respond with compact blocks handshakes, pings and pongs, but never respond to headers, get blocks, or inventory messages."


No, as I said, I'm a Commonist. The Commons as governance, as ecology, as social economy. See Post-Capitalism in the Desert of the Real.

I think the christchurch shooting was a complete psyop like sandy hook. I dont think anyone died, and i think it was a move to take the guns and to increase censorship on social media, because the five eyes countries no longer have any credibility, but the israeli first dual citizens running the five eyes countries need to carry out the agenda regardless of dissent to their parasitism from the populations of the host countries they leech from

figures, considering (((gab))) is run by andrew torah, who is jewish controlled-opposition, and an anti-white kike in real life.

what are the best pixelfed and peertube instances?

I am leaving mainstream surveillance and deplatform social media completely

This needs to be called out. Bitfury is an enemy of Bitcoin like Conbase & Buttpay. Boycott this garbage if you don't want to see Bitcoinused for the surveillance economy:

I am pumped about the Bisq DAO. I think it's possible BSQ may be the first true altcoin that isn't a shitcoin.

Facebook coin will be the biggest shitcoin failure since the telegram ton token

After reading this I feel grateful for how Bitcoin was maintained, keeping me able to run a full archival indexed node on a cheap laptop without issues

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