My Shekelcoin account is no more.

I now have my own instance.

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After more than a year my Ethereum full node completed its initial block download today.

@orangesec_0 its worse than you think, there are the concentration camps already starting with the illegals and the border caravans. This has all been planned and they are slowly rolling it out. The camps were built for years already

@orangesec_0 i dont think they can take the guns now with 3d printing, they cant even stop bittorrent.

@orangesec_0 yes but i believe that thats what happened. They did create giants. The smithsonian hides all that shit and also the evidence of the advanced civilization that got wiped out by the flood...

@orangesec_0 i see UFOs like almost every night where i live too, only i dont think its aliens, they are spiritual beings but not good ones...

@orangesec_0 in my world view which is biblical, aliens are a deception, they are really fallen angels/demonic beings that are going to played off as aliens for the biblical great deception of the end times. The sanhedrin are literally building the 3rd temple. The CIA releasing a bunch of "alien" info right now is right on schedule to trick everyone into thinking God doesnt exist while following new beings which will be satan and demons

Jussie smollet's charges got dropped with a quickness because he was going snitch out kamala harris for planning it to get her lynching bill passed, so she could slyly co-opt he black civil rights struggle for the faggots, the smallhats are trying to normalize worldwide so they can legalize their talmud pedophilia. it is the end goal of the department of justice plan to legalize 12 perversions and create a satanic society to welcome the antichrist in the sanhedrin soon to built 3rd temple

@Gotterdammerung I am waiting for plume to get a little bit more developed then I will set one up and write from there, and just accept donations, it will probably work out about the same, lol

@Gotterdammerung Please do. I have written on medium for about a year, I did the partner thing too where you can get paid. I had a post go viral too, and I only earned like 3 dollars!

@Gotterdammerung It's like mastodon, except for blogging (like medium), but it's still really new, so I think it's like in alpha development still. Medium is ok, but they censor stuff sometimes:

@Gotterdammerung I write sometimes there, but I feel it's overrated. the future will be a federated blogging version of it like plume

some company made a low tech solution for merchants not skilled enough to get a BTCPay server up and running. The service uses BTCPay and they do it all for you, just in case the Luna Node or Azure 1 click installs were too technical for your stupid ass:

@Sosthene They sure as hell don't! 60s-70s era music. look for Ethiopiques on YT to find more. Here is a different one:

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