gruesome video, blood & gore 

@402PaymentRequired Zero hedge is using your deadcat logo. hope you're getting royalties

Remember this guy?Look at his new haircut, lol. I wonder who his new stylist is. I also wonder how his ICO went. Long live the spam king😂 😂 😂

IOTA the only shitcoin worse than XRP is now around 40 cents! bwahahaha

Stolen from hodlnaut on twitter.

I am all about Carne Asada Taco Carnivory Bitcoin Maximalism😂 is highly deceptive. This bullshit site says "Earn Bitcoin for your content" in big bold letters, then underneath makes the admission that they mean bcash.Always read the fine print, lol. It is this kind of half-assed brand thievery that makes me never ever want to use this shitcoin or any service affiliated with it. It's such a weasel, spineless, scammy and pathetic way to try to deceive people. I hope that website gets hacked and the owners end up homeless when btrash collapses.

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