They want to give people 10 years for the new zealand footage because the video has cgi, shell casings that disappear in midair, magazines on the ground already in the mosque, etc. Lots of inconsistencies. I stand by my assertion that it was a hoax, nobody died and it is a complete psyop to gun grab and censor social media, i want the whole video now. The parts i have seen look silly as shit. Total hoax.

@Shekelcoin I can give you the full video if you want. I have it stored.

@orangesec_0 i might take you up on that. I watched it on bitchute the other day after i posted that

@Shekelcoin bitchute is censoring content now as well, so I switched to peertube.

@orangesec_0 sweet. I am researching how to run a peertube instance and mastodon on a vps and also plume (federated blogging)

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