I think the christchurch shooting was a complete psyop like sandy hook. I dont think anyone died, and i think it was a move to take the guns and to increase censorship on social media, because the five eyes countries no longer have any credibility, but the israeli first dual citizens running the five eyes countries need to carry out the agenda regardless of dissent to their parasitism from the populations of the host countries they leech from


> I dont think anyone died

You do realize it was streamed live, right? Didn't you see the woman who was crying for help on the ground got shout in her head twice? How is that not a death?

@sgtbobbyshaftoe because with digital animation and stuff they could have faked it easily. How do they film movies with violence? Also they have been faking mass shootings at a ridiculous rate to disarm people for the last few years. The media is propaganda not credible information. They have absolutely no credibility at all. Look at what has happened in NZ semiautos are now banned, and even NY is rolling out the police state over this fake event


@Shekelcoin The video of the shooting were pretty different from the kind of videos that you can fabricate using a green screen.

First of all, the gunman were moving, he wasn't standing in front of a green screen. Second, it was out on the street, which is a huge location to be fabricated in a studio. Third, the deaths of innocent people were really really REALLY realistic, okay? Don't tell me that the woman whose brain got exploded was just a CGI.

@sgtbobbyshaftoe i saw the livestream and am not convinced. The Mossad/MI6/CIA easily could have faked the footage.

@Shekelcoin I understand,l that you are a paranoid-type person.

And I understand that you believe that mainstream media, and perhaps the governments are using them is event to change their policies around gun ownership, and personal surveillance.

No problem, I understand you.

But don't tell me that these 50 people are not brutally murdered.

@sgtbobbyshaftoe they have been caught so many times scripting and faking news that you'd have to be an absolute brainwashed moron to take anything they say at face value or as being a credible source of true information. In the US its not even illegal for the Gov to mix propaganda and fake, manafactured stories for "national security" purposes

@Shekelcoin Look. It was streamed live on Facebook, okay? It is not mainstream media. Not, at least, were in the beginning.

Perhaps main stream media, once they made the news of the shooting, bent the shooting and the following discussion to their ideological ends (I.e., banning the guns, or increased surveillance, etc.), but this doesn't change the fact that the shooting happened.

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