what are the best pixelfed and peertube instances?

I am leaving mainstream surveillance and deplatform social media completely

@Sosthene here is a site i am reading about how to self host a mastodon:

I am still duckduckgo-ing to find out if i can also run pixelfed and peertube instances on the same vps, but my plan is to do a cheap vps with all 3 instances for myself and whoever else wants to join my instance. I'm also planning to setup a librepatron through my btcpay server for donations to cover costs

@Shekelcoin @Sosthene

> ducduckgo-ing

May I suggest the term "ducking"...

Duck.com also redirects to duckduckgo. And the duckduckgo's mascot also says "duck it" on their homepage.

@Sosthene also thinking about hosting a nextcloud and maybe my own bitwarden also

@Sosthene at first just wanted to join existing instances, but the largest ones are in french for peertube (dont speak it) and the pixelfed.social instance doesnt allow new registrations, so i want to juat host my own now

@Shekelcoin ah, I might have a look then, even if peertube is not really my priority for now I'm still interested. Any thought about zeronet? That's one of the few things that I've been willing to tackle seriously for some time but never took the time to so far

@Sosthene zeronet is awesome too, I would also like to do that. I think uncensorable websites are key. I looked into them a while back, I haven't set one up either, but I'd like to. It should be possible to have all these on the same server, maybe have to get creative with which ports are used for which apps but I'd like to set it all up.

@Shekelcoin I don't even think you have to do weird stuff with the ports, but last time I checked I wasn't sure how to run zeronet headless on my server, and then got hooked on another thing and just let it down for the moment.

@Sosthene I just found tutorials for installing a bunch of different activitypub open source stuff at the bottom of this page, where it says host yourself:




There is a bunch of other open source platforms too which I am unfamiliar with. About to start reading about what they are.

@Sosthene Funkwhale is a selfhosted music server, matrix is federated chats & VOIP calls, Plum is like a self hosted blogging platform, this is a rabbithole I could get lost down.

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