@Shekelcoin That's ridiculous. Jordan Peterson is a centrist. He strikes hard on extreme right as he does on extreme left.

@sgtbobbyshaftoe i have honestly never watched or listened to anything jordan peterson has done. I do however watch matthew north's yt channel and he has been putting out very revealing exposes on many youtube podcasts/vlogs. Watch the joe rogan one where he exposes joe rogan for working with military industrial complex and think tanks like the esalen institute to promote social engineering ( like peterson also alledgedly does) its eye opening that much of the organic yt content is engineered

@Shekelcoin Those alleged connections between Joe Rogan and military industrial complex or Jordan Peterson and [insert some conspiracy theory antagonist] doesn't sound credible. They only sound paranoiac.

@Shekelcoin Joe Rogan is just a half-baked comedian. And not a brilliant one.

He has been hosting his show for a long long time and only recently ( 1 or 2 years ago) his light started to shine.

Joe is just an average Joe who has a grown a very wide audience over the years.

@sgtbobbyshaftoe i agree, but he also does push a nunch of shit that the mainstream media pushes as an agenda

@Shekelcoin okay. Send me the one that you think the most credible.

@Shekelcoin That's a pretty long video. Once I have time to watch it, I will let you know what I think about that.

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