@Shekelcoin Holy shit. It actually happened? And that quick? I figured there would be no way he'd come on. I gotta put some popcorn on before hitting play.

@Bit_Faced it was an interview worthy of a movie theater extra large tub of popcorn!

@Shekelcoin You're getting me excited. I've been away from the internet for nearly 24 hrs.

@Bit_Faced it will be a glorious occasion when you finally get back in front of your monitor, lol.

@Shekelcoin They just both agreed that there are too many scams out there. BWahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahah. I'm dying.

@Shekelcoin "He wants money. He wants fame. That's it. He's a con man. He cannot code to save his life"

His entertainment never value is the only value he has left. Although I have to say, on that level he's priceless. The Rockefeller history lesson was too much. Laughing and crying.😂 😭

@Bit_Faced he is highly entertaining that's for sure. This bcash fork is what we needed to spice up the monotony of the bear market, lol

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