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Since everyone is wearing @Opendime now, I've contacted my pin supplier to get some of these pins made without pin backs, so they can be worn on chains.

Follow @BtcPins for updates on when those are available! (2-3 weeks)

h/t @RussellOkung @gmekhail @nvk
RT @BtcPins
So stoked for this @Opendime pin!

Should have it in 2-3 weeks.

Go support @Coinkite! They make the best hardware!

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*If* our government abandons the constitution, are you prepared to defend it yourself?

Prepare accordingly.

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The Defense Distributed Liberator ported to a 7656 character script for the OpenSCAD compiler and printed on a T-shirt (or if you prefer, a hoodie)

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If you maintain software using libbase58 (typically -related software), please reach out to me privately with a link to your code (if open source) and a PGP key.

This relates to your project's .

Take your chances with a jury, not with a violent mob of rioters.

First they take away social interactions, then the gym, now they take away the outdoors. Traveling for work sucks.

BLM is just acting like they need more policing. Burning down innocent peoples livelihoods isn't winning any hearts, it's doing the opposite.

Wohoo bro found some xm193 in stock, supply run in the works!

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Good ol' Alex Jones. Not taking any of this BS lying down.

Alex Jones Defies San Antonio City Council Anti-Free Speech Ordinance With Airplane and Battle Tank

� R🐟NYTimes 09/Apr/2020 With $2.3T Injection, Fed's Plan Far Exceeds 2008 Rescue Mined �^H

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