@ckrypto Mastodon is the road to freedom,

it is not the destination,

its the evolutionary path to true decentralized communications

@omnifinn bruh just post here, twitter is for simpfluencers and soy

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@nvk also similar implementation:


network topology follows social topology instead of DHT, (not that its better or worse)

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@nvk Reading up on the software stack on github, this looks like a legitimate use for IPFS!


@Rand0mguest2 I give mastodon 72 hours then everyone goes back to twatter again

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Reduce your dependence on centralized social media using RSS. Free, open-source and all about the content.

I've amassed a collection of Bitcoin-related RSS Feeds. Link to download .OPML file in Gist (linked in article).


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Using on the street I need a ⚡ invoice to pay.
Not a website to visit,
not LNURL,
not an onchain address,
not even a paynym.
(with onion messages) fix this.
With blinded paths even the receiver node will be able to stay hidden.

@nvk @Jack new CEO has pudgy soy face, likely representative of the culture jack allowed to permeate his company.

@georgevaccaro prob got pushed out by the soy he let infect his company

@coldacid play the game, make your coworkers use royalty genders, "mi Lorde, your majesty"

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Commies cannot believe in encryption.

Because the keys to the encrypted data is private property (natural law).

If the key is shared/known by the commons it’s no longer useful.

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