@eiaine we subsidize food to keep the Consumer Price index artificially low, allowing us to print more money, enrich the politically connected, and claim that there is no inflation.

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Coming soon to iMessage and Twitter near you.
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NEW - Instagram to permanently ban users that send "hate speech" in their private Direct Messages, the social media platform announced.

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Time to start thinking about it 👇
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when the time comes, will you voluntarily turn in your bitcoin?

Refers to current political climate akin to Nazi Germany, get labeled an anti-semite and fired.


Her tweets were benign.

Personal matrix server is up, will migrate myself and friends over to it, soon, by far the most resilient chat and community network out there. Discord & telegram are obsolete.

the decentralization will continue until the anti-censorship improves

Join bitcoin & freedom maximalists in matrix room:


(Download matrix - element to join)

How it started, how its going:

Biden Administration turned the TSA into an enforcement agency

@nvk @wiz @MrHodl
What if I told you,

certificate authorities are not required for encryption&server authentication?

::laughs in onion::

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“Joe Biden has hired at least 14 current or former executives from five major tech firms... Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook... all clamped down this week on President Trump and Parler...”

No conflict of interest for American democracy here.🔻
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In device multisig address validation is a huge deal.

IMHO it finally makes multisig with hardware wallets reasonably safe for most people.

Put some time to understand why this is so important.
Coldcard 3.2.1 Firmware Release 🍄⏫

-Major Address Explorer Improvements
>Multisig support
>View sub-accounts
>custom paths
>suppress warning
>& more
-Skip Checks improved
-BIP49 f/ “p2wpkh-p2sh” to “p2sh-p2wpkh…

BLM burns down cities...nothing.

A few people walk through the capitol building ...omg 911

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