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Commies cannot believe in encryption.

Because the keys to the encrypted data is private property (natural law).

If the key is shared/known by the commons it’s no longer useful.

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Bitcoin is monetary justice.

Altcoins are companies.

They are not the same.

Aaaand Twitter account suspended again

Meet the youngest boomer on Twitter

He's still 7-8 years behind even the basic tenants of bitcoin - bitcoin is for enemies

His music is dope tho

Trust: Start with $150 million USD

If citizens don't want to hold bitcoin they receive, thru can use the trust to convert BTC transactions into USD.

The trust will then hold that bitcoin.

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Live: El Salvador president suggests country will set up a bitcoin / USD trust, allowing citizens to receive legal tender bitcoin (example, fruit vendor) & either keep the bitcoin or convert to USD, allowing the El Salvador government to stack bitcoin reserves.


Everyone is all like "but El Savador is run by a dictator!"

... as if our USA oligarchy is any better?

Bitcoinization requires governance to have the the support of people, benevolent dictators will likely be a part of that.

There is nothing holy or just about democracy.

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Coming soon to iMessage and Twitter near you.
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NEW - Instagram to permanently ban users that send "hate speech" in their private Direct Messages, the social media platform announced.

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Time to start thinking about it 👇
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when the time comes, will you voluntarily turn in your bitcoin?

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