Only 52 weeks to flatten the curve! C’mon guys! Let’s all do our part!

When teaching intro bio for non-majors I always enjoy explaining that science is best understood as a process rather than an institution.

Trust its self corrective nature over the long term, not the fallible humans practicing it, or certainly not preaching it at any given time.

Most of my colleagues use this type of monitoring, it’s even recommended by the university center for teaching excellence. I have always refused. The students hate it. The one I’m familiar with tracks eye movement, so you can’t even take your eyes off screen w/o being flagged. Too intrusive for everyday tests IMO

@SovereignMan which book is this from? Reading “story of civilization” for 2021, still in book I though.

@PevaBruehound there can never be enough caddy shack references😂

Now matter where the Reddit rebellion goes next, Nokia, silver, gold, it’ll end in Bitcoin. It’s the ultimate short against a corrupt system

Civilization is/was quite literally, memed into existence

@brandenespinoza impressive, feel like I would need to work up to that

Pretty sure they have already passed that point

“He swept the courts clear for a time of these corrupt officials, and established laws regulating the taxes and fees paid to the temples, protecting the helpless against extortion, and providing against the violent alienation of funds or property. Already the world was old, and well established in its time honored ways.” - Will Durant ‘The Story of Civilization, book I

A new, better world has to address the problems man has had for millennia.... Bitcoin fixes this?

2400 BC “Urkagina rose like Luther against the exactions of the clergy, denounced them for their voracity, accused them of taking bribes in their administration of the law, and charged that they were levying such taxes upon farmers and fishermen as to rob them of the fruits of their toil.”


“In a bureaucracy, decisions at every level are not taken by individuals; they are taken by processes. All work is according to process. Managers in a bureaucracy are not bosses; they are exception handlers.”

So sadly true.....


Where is the massive public health effort to incentivizing physical health? You know, the thing that makes the biggest impact on the virus. Instead of being shuttered, gyms should be tax deductible, there should be wide testing and distribution of vitD.

No money in it I guess

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If voting could make things change, it would have been prohibited long ago

@TkRoots Maybe they won’t have to understand it anymore than they understood gold as a reserve asset. Could be that banks issue coins/ receipts backed by btc... like you sent yesterday, and to the masses it would be just another dollar... people do tend to kind of understand gold

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@Set7 hopefully that printed Money your talking about, is “minted usd tokens” back by btc...

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