To all of you that think CBDCs aren’t coming, I’m sorry bro, your wrong...
The Masses Simply are not going to adopt Bitcoin. The Word - Decentralization - isn’t even in their Dictionary. They don’t have an understanding of Fiat Money, let alone “Assets”, Hard Money, or Hedging themselves.
I really don’t know what they think, but I can tell you one thing. ⬇️
The masses wouldn’t even understand Bitcoin even if it was used as The Standard Unit Of Monetary Exchange. Change my Mind, please.


@TkRoots Maybe they won’t have to understand it anymore than they understood gold as a reserve asset. Could be that banks issue coins/ receipts backed by btc... like you sent yesterday, and to the masses it would be just another dollar... people do tend to kind of understand gold

@Set7 exactly!!! They won’t have to understand... it’s not going to change the way they go through their daily walk of life, It will just be another dollar to them just as you said....
I do think people tend to understand gold which is why I always use the Golden Standard when trying to explain why Bitcoin as a reserve Asset is coming.
But it’s just tough man.
Maybe their Greed of thinking they can make a quick buck buying btc will get them to stick around to Learn more about the space.

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