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My first LN node should be back online for good now. Hopefully it will stop crashing from now on. Sorry for those that were connected to me ^^

Where you spend your money is more influential than who you vote for. Spend it wisely.

Broke: PoS is better than PoW because everyone can stake

Woke: PoS is as bad as PoW because most people can't afford to stake or mine

Bespoke: PoW is better than PoS because most people can mine by just heating their water or house

@uint8_t Democracy, states, legal system, and taxes got nothing to do with Capitalism

Once the fees drop again below 25 sats / vbyte I will open tons of more LN channels

So far this year my 2nd node routed 504 transactions that earned me 19 593 satoshis

Biggest transaction routed: 8,000,000 sats (0.08 BTC)
Smallest transaction route: 3 sats
Highest fee earned: 801 sats
Total sats routed: 206,052,550 sats ( 2.06 BTC)

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@Full_node @lizard I will regardless. I try to do it from time to time or before updating the node anyway so yeah.

Will re-flash the SD card tomorrow or Friday and see how it goes

Thanks for the info !

@Full_node @lizard I'm getting a lot of issues with this node out of the two I have. Keep going down for some reason.

I will try to fix it either tomorrow or Friday.

Restarted it for now, not sure how long it will stay online

People asking me why I rejected them after our in-person interview... Got to be imaginative to be nice while telling them "It's because we didn't vibe"

Just added a 1M sats channel size minimum to connect to my node. Tired of people opening micro channel where most of the money is reserved for fees.

minchansize on LND is in satoshis right ?

My lightning node made it to the BOS list nice

@jimmysong The fact that you don't need an ID to vote is already dumb as fuck imo

Do you think Interns should be paid ?

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Do you think Interns should do company work ?

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