Some stats about my LN node:

- 801 transactions routed
- 320 745 944 sats routed
- 32 824 sats earned (10k in the past 8 days alone)
- Biggest tx routed: 10 142 370 sats
- Smallest tx routed: 10 sats
- Highest tx fee collected in a tx: 1 015 sats

@Full_node That's since its birth. The 1M one look pretty similar though

My two biggest routed LN transactions were today:
- Around 7M sats for the biggest one with 761 sats fee
- Around 3M sats for the second with 328 sats fee

The previous biggest one was a 2M sats transaction with 608 sats fee

@N8r Because they're insecure about their choices and think they "missed the train"

@N8r Most people can and/or are toxic on things they care a lot about. It's not specific about Bitcoin but people love to find any 'flaw' they can find about Bitcoin to justify their move to shitcoins

Don't forget to upgrade your Umbrel with the version 0.3.10 that include Bitcoin Core v0.21.1

More precisions:

- Trying to raise money by myself to give to the shelter, I don't do it in their name.

- Whatever amount collected will be sold for AED and given to them by around mid may

- If you got nothing nice to say, or going to ask for more "proofs" or whatever bullshit, just don't bother tweeting as we both know you're not going to donate shit regardless.

- If you can't donate money, you can still RT :)

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Hello Bitcoin T̶w̶i̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ Tooter,

Last time I did this it was 2019, Bitcoin price was at 6500 USD per coin and we were able to raise around 2k USD.

Compare to 2019 the shelter now host around 500 dogs (35% increase). So let's donate again:


If you want to donate through LN you can just message me for an invoice.

Got some more liquidity on my Bitfinex LN channel again, pushed the fees to 1 sat base fee and 500 ppm (0.05%)... Let's see how fast the liquidity will be gone by this time

I made 1435 sats today already thanks (for a large part) to my channel with bitfinex's node. And the day is not over yet

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It seems that people are willing to pay 1 sat + 250 ppm (0.025%) to deposit to Bitfinex. Liquidity I got yesterday is now gone.

Time to raise the fees even more now

@Full_node I just let my channels be honestly. I don't bother balancing them as it's a waste of time and money.

Raising fees for channels where most of the liquidity go one way seem to be the best option for me at least.

5 minutes after getting liquidity towards Bitfinex on my LN node, it was already being eaten up by people despite (what I consider) high fees... Time to raise those fees even more then

By using WiseMining's Sato product you:

- Help secure the Bitcoin network
- Save money
- Contribute to more investment in Green Tech
- Help the unbanked, political activists, dissidents, refugees, etc..., by giving them access to a censorship resistant currency
- And much more

Any good account to follow here ? Instead of me just lurking the Local and Federated Timeline

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Don't forget to update your Umbrel node if you have one

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