Michael Saylor support a mining pool that censor transactions based on their history.

Michael Saylor is an enemy of Bitcoin.

Don't be like Michael Saylor.

@Seccour yeah, and u will never know what *side* he play's with his big stash, he even said that iirc in one if his first tweets, we can not mitigate against rouge smart players for whom bitcoin solved a big problem, but lets remember he solved nothing and created nothing, he's a big user, but if we take lead from big money than bitcoin is fast on wrong track, we need lead from big wired brains and give a shit how fucking rich we made data mining and kyc chills, bitcoin will rise without them.

@Seccour every day, i feel more and more inclined to fuck them hard 0D, with a super fork, that makes all there aml.kyc just replace gold, stay small and humble, bcs of script, verify.and consensus, don't ever be the *money* and do not challenge central banks shit, so void, that a river could not hold there cry's, about why did they missed that simple idea, with all there big data mining capacity and patent control structures....

Just follow the money and what development is fundet at large.

@Seccour and, believe me, it's not the first time an avatar of me did something like that and took the world by surprise and on the wrong foot, and shook there ossified knowledge towers and morphed it's believed believes to new heights or lows🤣

honey badger give a shit.

we are creators, way to smart and rich and educated to be slaves of ancient egoistic believes.

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