If you guys want to open a channel toward a well connected, low fees, always online LN node, PM me :D


So far I routed 51 transactions and earned a total of 204 sats

@Seccour so far I'm sure you have spent quite a lot more in onchain tx to open channels.
LN is ridiculously cheap and we all node maintainers should increase fees. Not only we are loosing money, we are also risking sats by having these online. We deserve much more.

@javier Yeah for sure. But I'm not planning to close any of them so in the long run it might at least end up being 0 between on chain fees already paid and fees receive from routing. Will see how it goes. For now I'm mostly experimenting fee wise will keeping them relatively cheap (except for channels that are really really unequal liquidity wise, to equilibrate them a bit since rebalancing doesn't always work)

@Seccour connect to mine:

035[email protected]

or via Tor:

035[email protected]mt2jur33kt7jyohg5qp35ycj4p4lurw7eapxvpgrvbo36nzpr3knhzad.onion:9735

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