I'm wondering if there is any Mastodon instance that tolerate *everything* content wise after reading the story shared by (the) @fed (

@nepalbitcoin @Seccour private instances are just not connected to other instances, but can have lots of users

@badger @nepalbitcoin interesting. Didn't really think of that. Will search for some later, now it's gaming time

@badger I think core problem is not having mesh network, need topic based channels rather than person based.

I've "instance", had old redmatrix linked with diaspora*..things aren't evolving well in things field. @Seccour

@MrJ1m Ouai celui de la Quadrature, mais je doute qu'ils tolerent tout :p

@Seccour yup i know. Mais je secure mon id sur les biggest. Faut dig cette histoire d'instance, pourquoi pas en faire une cryptoFR, ou meme bytball_classic afin d'avoir un truc bien trollish ou on tolère tout. @fragore

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