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Being a bitcoiner is hard. Because you constantly have to fight to save the dream.

People asking me why I rejected them after our in-person interview... Got to be imaginative to be nice while telling them "It's because we didn't vibe"

Just added a 1M sats channel size minimum to connect to my node. Tired of people opening micro channel where most of the money is reserved for fees.

minchansize on LND is in satoshis right ?

My lightning node made it to the BOS list nice

Do you think Interns should be paid ?

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Do you think Interns should do company work ?

I wonder if it's a tactic from him, didn't read, or doesn't care.

Regardless, definitely not going to recruit that individual

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Me: Would you be free for an in-person interview on the x of March ?

The guy: You can schedule our call at 6pm.

I want to slap his face

When your node become Tier 1 on Lightning Pool 😎

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What's a "Close Type Abandoned" ? Like someone tried to open a channel to me but gave up and close before it opened ?

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Anyone know how "Network Reach" is calculated on 1ml ?

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Helped an escort pay in Bitcoin the website she wanted to advertise on. Those dumbasses use the same BTC address for everyone.

Told them to use BTCPay to make their life easier 😂

next step is to make it in the very secretive BOS list

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You know you have a good LN node when big LN nodes start opening channels towards you

Anyone else get 3 sats payment taken randomly from your Umbrel node after installing Sphinx ? @nvk @pox

Do you know what they are ?

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