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Being a bitcoiner is hard. Because you constantly have to fight to save the dream.

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Regardless of outcome, Bitcoin permanently altered the world's monetary landscape. No one can dispute that

I just realized I have 250 followers here, wtf

Anyone could try to look at a video on the Zeronet version of Youtube for me ?

This is the link:

Just tell me if you can see it or not (Also look at the View New to see if you can see it there too)

Also on the View New, tell me if you can see the thumbnail with Huawei logo on it

Mastodon look so weird on a big screen

Will try to work on it soon and release it with at least a test / 'dummy' use case to see if there is interest

It's basically a zeronet like way of doing things

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the more I think about my idea, the more I think: if it was that smart / good, someone else would have think about it

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Would even be interested in a web of trust / identity management system that completely free, open source, and so fucking easy to fork or even create ?

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"Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time." - von Goethe

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I'd like to see more, affordable watercooled miners. If they can run silently in a living room as a heater the price of electricity is almost irrelevant. @[email protected] @[email protected]

Ok it's in chart.db

Which is logical but I was confused since the number of requests and the number of entry in the db didn't match. So I'm still yet to find what are those requests and where the data are stored for those

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Anyone know where are the Zeronet stats stored ? (Upload / Download size, number of requests send / receive etc...)

I love the name of my soon to be investment fund ❤️

Ok I've found how to make files optional on Zeronet. The documention isn't that clear in my opinion.

Zeronet need more tutorials to allow more people to create *good* zites.

Just saw that it's possible in the documentation

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