Well be butchering our pasture raised hogs soon! Order now for pickup in April. Austin tx area only. ragtimeranch.substack.com/p/wh

What's a good IMAP/SMTP client to run on @GrapheneOS/@CalyxOS? (F-Droid or Aurora)

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NEW: The Senate has ordered the State Department to produce a report in 90 days on the role of any US contractors or informants in the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moise

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Henley Station circa 1898. The train hasn’t even stopped and people start pouring out of the carriages dressed to the nines.

I have changed my username to @SirToshiHodlr

Since my assets are totally denominated in Bitcoin, rising price does not affect my net worth, only my ability to save. Higher prices do not translate into higher net worth, only less savings.

So yes, let the price go up. Just not yet.

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Yes I do hope the USD/BTC price goes up because that will raise my net worth in dollar terms. We still live in a fiat world and so my purchasing power will increase.

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When the USD/BTC price doubles, my ability to save will be cut in half.

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For our budget, I expect to accumulate more than half a Bitcoin (50,000,000 Sats) in savings from my net income at the current price.

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I just worked out my family budget, denominated in BTC. People who are jumping ship over the price are missing something fundamental: When the price goes up you will accumulate less BTC over time.

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I want my career earnings to last generations. The average NFL career is 3 years and inflation is real.
Saving and preserving money over time is hard, no matter who you are.
In today’s world: How do we save?
This is why I believe in
Almost all professional athletes make

I thought this was a meme. But it’s real life?
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Even after a 12 hour night shift at the hospital last night, my wife still has the energy to shovel the driveway. God bless her and all our frontliners. Time to make her some breakfast. 🙏🏽

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@APFactCheck @AP You found 5 psych professors willing to say what you wanted, and spun excerpts from their email replies into a deceptive propaganda piece denying that deceptive propaganda can influence people.

If you guys don’t start cooperating with the pandemic, they’re going to have to resort to plan B, which is open war.
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MORE - To date, more than 61,000 complaints against compulsory vaccinations have been submitted to the Austrian Parliament.

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@ktreywalsh @progressivebtcr Progessives believe in equal outcome, not equal opportunity. There is nothing “progressive” about . Bitcoin believes in equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Bitcoin does not give a shit about “progressivism”.

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Remember when our nation’s Capitol looked like this in June of 2020 and most Democrats and media brushed it off as “mostly peaceful”

They're not "vaccine passports," they're movement licenses. It's not a vaccine, it's experimental gene therapy. "Lockdown" is at best completely pointless universal medical isolation and at worst ubiquitous public incarceration.

Call things what they are, not their euphemisms.
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They're not "vaccine passports," they're movement licenses. It's not a vaccine, it's experimental gene therapy. "Lockdown" is at best …

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After the past two years, I have little doubt that Big Pharma would hide the cure for cancer should they ever find it.

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