Man who profits directly from central bank currency counterfeiting is skeptical of money that cannot be counterfeited 😂

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MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 301 bitcoins for ~$6.0 million at an average price of ~$19,851 per . As of 9/19/22 @MicroStrategy holds ~130,000 bitcoins acquired for ~$3.98 billion at an average price of ~$30,639 per bitcoin.

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@thetrocro @greenpeaceusa A philosophy professor and environmentalist with less than a tenth of the following of Greenpeace just ratioed Greenpeace by ten to one on Twitter dot com.

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🚨 Greenpeace spent $1 million in new "Change The Code" ads to intensify their attack on 's PoW.


Catch the whole Coin Stories podcast episode with @natbrunell and @adam3us here. ⬇️

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The US has killed 10 people in 2 drone strikes in Somalia over the last week.

One of the drone strikes was on a market.

It has barely registered in any English-language media.

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If you diversify between and , and you understand the purpose of both, shame on you.

You're a traitor to humanity. Please unfollow me.

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For 33yrs the UN based a global fear campaign on a trace gas, carbon dioxide. CO2 is 1 part carbon, 2 parts oxygen & is the foundation for all life on earth. It's been in long-term decline for 500 million yrs. Higher levels WILL NOT cause global warming, but will save the earth.

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After your country approves its very own CBDC know this

Every dollar you have

Every doctor you visit
Every meal you eat
Every trip you take

Every Purchase - market, pharmacy, coffee, clothes, books, websites


Will be tracked, in real time, by the gov't


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Martha’s Vineyard’s response to 50 illegals being sent to them was to declare a humanitarian emergency, activate 125 National Guard soldiers, and shipping them out of their town in less than 24 hours. You literally can’t make it up.

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BREAKING: White House publishes framework for regulation of and digital assets.

"Digital assets pose meaningful risks" while "a US CBDC has the potential to offer significant benefits." 🤡 🤡 🤡

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Imagine you're not Satoshi Nakamoto and you go to fucking court to lie about being Satoshi Nakamoto.


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Greenpeace gaslighting on and its .0016 of the worlds energy, instead of focusing on clean air, clean water and the worlds oceans for an admitted payment of $5M discredits the entire organization

Quite sad

Learn the truth

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