Bitcoin conference is over so we're back in our houses arguing about and . I got you! In this video I am looking deeper into bitcoin units.

Imagine doing crowdfunding for a political cause in bitcoin and using standard wallets.
*No coinjoins in.
*No coinjoins out.
*Not sweeping some outputs through big providers and hubs.
*Not sweeping some outputs through tumblers
*Not attacking change analysis pattern matching.

Just having 3 dozen static addresses, like some fucking monkeys. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Yooo! New video on my channel, I spent a lot of time on it, but the format is different than usual. If you are OG bitcoiner, it's probably not for you (yes, you). But it's definitely the best video I've made.

December was a failure. I only took on one book, and I have mixed feelings about it.

Narrating the story through eyes of explorers that pushed the known boundaries was a good choice, but I was missing the broader geopolitical context, which is something I look for in the history books.

I want to know how people were behaving as a group and what pushed them to make changes.

Also 95% of story was happening on East Coast and I'm barely aware of geography there so had a tough time following.

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The same people who are trying to switch to gettr couldn't make it here on mastodon. GL to them ;)

I want to send bitcoin to someone who doesn't yet have a bitcoin wallet. Something like the online version of @Opendime. How would I do it in a non-custodial way?

Twitter didn't help me :p

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RT @FullyNoded
What's that?

Oh nothing much, just creating a fidelity bond to maximize my utxos earning potential using FullyNoded as a @joinmarket light client. πŸ”₯ 🀯

I know why mastodon is failing...

Not too many retarded people here to make fun of❗

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Left chart: Cost to send 1KG of payload to low earth orbit
Right chart: Total market cap of all cryptocurrencies.

Inb4 someone puts an actual lambo on the actual moon.

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FWIW, even if no company out there has the budget to fully fund my development work, it would still be helpful if they could put me (& family) on some kind of health or dental insurance; or even cover expenses for a conference here or there...

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More than half my main feed tonight is automated retweets from birdsite.

I feel like we used to get annoyed about this and tell people off, but meh.

Encourage friends to stop using corporate social media as a public square. It's not healthy for discourse in these times of censorship.

More ambitious books coming in December. πŸ˜‰

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Books I've read in November.

Usually when trying to get into the habit of reading 3+ books a month I'm starting with some fiction and work out harder positions later.

And both Star Wars books even though fictional, had influenced my understanding of leadership and courage. Decent writing.

And the Blocksize War is absolutely the best bitcoin-related book I've read EVER. Deep historical and political coverage of what seems to be sparked as an argument on a technical level.

Our society isn't praising heroes enough. Myre Tate (16) died rushing at the school shooter. Sucks.

Aaand mastodon is dead place again... 🀷

If you don't follow the news...
πŸ“Œ Square is now Block
πŸ“Œ Square Crypto is now Spiral

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