Hey mastodoners, long time no see! This time it's hard topic to explore, but someone has to do it. What are the biggest threats to bitcoin existence subjectively picked by me? Check the video:

Do YOU know the history of the logo? When it was created? By whom? It's everywhere yet not many know the origins and symbolism behind it... Want to know more? Check out my newest video!

I've made new video (finally). This time about @Coldcard and @wasabiwallet
With a slightly different format than a normal tutorial.

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The best protest is through technology. Disagree with Disney's choices? Just torrent them.

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Zeus v0.5.0-beta3

-Feature: Integrated Tor on both iOS and Android
-Enhancement: Add support for all bech32 QR code schemes
-Bug Fix: timestamps on Eclair
-Feature: Set first hop and last hop when paying LN invoices

Android APK:

Dev signature:

PGP Key:

iOS Testflight:

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the following merges accounts have been added:

- @guimerges merges to the bitcoin core GUI repository
- @secp256k1merges merges to the secp256k1 library
- @hwimerges merges to hardware wallet interface
- @miscmerges for merges to various other bitcoin core repositories

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The Taproot activation discussion is about to begin on IRC, and the summary of the various options by @AaronvanW in bitcoin magazine is superb. Concise and clear.

For those interested in joining the discussion on IRC, notice the channel name starts with two hashes ##:


Miners hate him!

How I am judging the manual fees for so I am not ever paying more than $1? In my new video I am explaining
➡️ what are bitcoin fees
➡️ what Sat/B feerate means
➡️ how to manually judge the fees

All in the video!


Twitter was fun for 1 day, but welcome back "cringe fest"!

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"Our ideals are rooted in fairness, equal access..."

Stirring words from Robinhood co-founder Vlad Tenev.

2021 so far is a lot of fun.

New video this weekend btw. ;)

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"Outsider trading" is the best new phrase of 2021, and we're just getting started.

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