I really wish this platform would take off. Twitter sucks’

It seems Tootdon is shutting down. Anyone recommend any mastodon apps?

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Satoshi was flawed in many ways and failed to anticipate the eventual development of the protocol. This is fine. Satoshi was not infallible and fetishizing his/her vision is a doomed prospect

Think we'll see tech censorship kick into high gear for the next U.S. presidential election?

If dollars have no “intrinsic value” why does backing something with dollars give it “intrinsic value”?

Interesting discussion, apparently many Chinese don't have bank accounts but use mobile apps? He doesn't seem to know much about bitcoin.


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WARNING: we’ve detected a malware that locally replaces the Ledger Live desktop application by a malicious one. Users of infected computers are asked to enter their 24-word recovery phrase after a fake update. Please refer to our security best practices medium.com/ledger-on-security-

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Why does Jackson Palmer always seem so negative on crypto?

Any thoughts on dissenter chrome extension? Does that seem safe from an infosec standpoint?

I have no desire to see the video of the awful terrorist attack in NZ, but it’s a little scary that some governments want to criminalize possessing the video. Is there any precedent for that kind of censorship in western countries?

Did Alex Jones accuse Joe Rogan of working for the CIA?

Can anyone recommend good Bitcoin Gab accounts?. I’d like to give them a shot but I don’t know who to follow

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