So I did my first structured introduction to bitcoin, it went through these topics: i) macro, why does it make sense (inflation, ngu, most secure place where to put data); ii) the basic concepts pointing to grokking bitcoin; iii) privacy, why it matters and how to do it right pointing to Odell's resources; iv) where to buy; v) how to store, coldcard, plates and electrum/wasabi vi) tax in Italy/EU, first know the rules of the game then decide what to do.


@StarAStar close business partners/friends, with a view on personal finance, securing a chip for the kids and the like. There were lots of good questions, especially on the macro, then there were also "when to get in" for which I'd need an elegant way to say "it's not relevant", with some data, like: trying to time the market VS dollar cost average, is there any reference for this?

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